Bring That Coffee Shop Experience Home With This Store's IKEA-Esque Equipment

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What Makes It Awesome

I love my morning coffee. And evening coffee. And nightcap coffee. Basically, I love coffee, okay, but I really love getting coffee at cafes because it just feels fancier. While I do love fancy coffee, I'm not fancy enough to want to pay for it at a coffee shop every single day so I needed a solution. Fellow's an awesome store based out of San Francisco that makes the coolest looking coffee equipment that'll help you whip up a cup of coffee like you're at an overpriced cafe in a hidden location. Yep, you read it right. 

Fellow does a whole bunch of equipment like stovetop and electric kettles that brews it for exactly the right amount of time, carafes that'll get the perfect pour of coffee every single time, an AeroPress attachment for the perfect espresso and a bunch of travel mugs and ceramic mugs that are honestly quite an upgrade from the regular ones. They've also got some storage containers that are made to keep your coffee (beans or powder) fresh so every cup tastes good. 

The easiest way to describe their aesthetic would be minimalist and it just reminds me of IKEA and Scandinavian design that's super popular RN. Their products start at INR 2,450 so don't forget to use your LBB perks for some $ off!


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