Green, Oolong Or Fruit: This Homegrown Brand Has Some Tea-rrific Flavours!

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Fernweh Agro

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What Makes It Awesome

Who doesn’t love a warming cup of tea? It’s not only the perfect companion that we need for our everyday hustle but also offers a much-needed break when we’re stressed out. Not just that, it’s probably the only drink that can be sipped on at any time of the day. And, if you’re looking to experiment beyond your classic masala chai, we recommend trying Fernweh Agro’s range of exquisite teas. 

Fernweh Agro’s blooming tea blends are distinct and every single one of them is dynamic in their own way. Each flavour infusion is created with the idea of taking you on a journey to different parts of the world. They are crafted with 100% natural ingredients and come in two types of packaging - loose leaf sachets & Teazak or tea bags & they have USDA & India Organic Certified Organic teas. Their packaging is zero plastic and biodegradable too and we’re loving this sustainable approach. What intrigued us the most is the fact that the preservation technology they use is the same one designed for astronauts in space. Yeah, you heard that right! Plus, we love that these teas are free from any added preservatives or artificial flavours and use only fresh fruits & ingredients. Bonus! All their raw materials are sourced ethically from around the world as well. 

We are absolutely crushing over their diverse tea range which includes Black, Green, White, Oolong in flavours like citrus, sweet, floral, mint and more. Not just that, if you like the vibrancy of fruity flavours, you can pick some of their more intriguing options like Aam Panna Green Tea, Coconut Cracker Green Tea, Guava Moringa Green Tea, and Alphonso Burst Oolong Tea (we are definitely voting for this one). 

For those who want to steer clear from caffeine but still want a tea-drinking experience, you must check out their herbal brews with aromatic blends of flowers, herbs and dried fruits. We can’t wait to order these! Best part? They ship their products in reusable cotton handbags (yay!)