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Make Your Nook Super Cosy With These 5 Essentials This Season

Priya posted on 24 October

It’s that time of the year again. When all the festivals are crammed together with the wedding season and that means a rollercoaster of emotions. You will be sad, stressed, happy, joyful and all in all a nut bag for the next few months. So we decided {because we are awesome} to bring you some cutesy things from Maeva that will help ease your feelings a bit. Candles that will light up your cosy home and leave behind a lingering fragrance of heaven.

Let Diwali Last Forever

With the fragrance of Wild Water Lotus and a glass holder that emanates red hues, this candle is a perfect piece for the Diwali hangover. The season of lighting diyas may have gone but you can still celebrate the lights with this candle. Enjoy the festival of lights for as long as you want with the Nalini collection.

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Get Cloche To Her/Him

A vintage candle that will remind you of old apothecaries. Light it up or gift it to newlyweds for some soothing ‘me’ {we mean US!} time. These candles smell like white tuberose and the cloches will prevent from the irksome dirt from settling.

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Three Wick Fix

You know what is better than a single wick candle? A three wick one! With three flames lit up at the same time, you will be left mesmerized. It will leave behind a trail of lush blossoms with a citrusy edge. Can we say, OH SO ROMANTIC!

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No More Pining

Christmas stands for a lot of things, cake, Jesus, carols but what we miss the most is that scent of pine. We might not have the white Christmas we crave but we can make up for that with some pine-scented candles.

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The Christmas Feel

You know what makes everything Christmasy? Mistletoe and wreaths! And we found the perfect one that goes everywhere. You can hang it outside the door {as is tradition} or you can use it as decor with your beautiful candles!

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These are our five picks from the beautiful Maeva store. They have candles for every occasion and every moment. And if you want to try something beyond these 5, we suggest another one that we love! A Christmas Gift Box that will make Santa come to your home first, the box includes 4 beautiful candles with a scent of the silver snowflake.

You should visit their website and check out what picks you need {not want}.

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