Find Yourself Amidst Lush Green Landscapes In Kasol

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    Kasol is situated in the bank of Parvati River almost 75kms from Manali. Most of us might have heard about Kasol but it is generally famous for weeds or hippie culture (which is partly true also). But Kasol is much more than just being the place for hippies to chill. Kasol offers breathtaking views of Himalayas and having a relaxed time in the bank of Parvati river makes the experience amazing. Here are a few tips/ pointers if anyone is planning to visit Kasol: 1. How to get there? Kasol is not directly connected to Delhi by bus service but you can get a Bus from Delhi for Manali and get down at Bhuntar. You can easily get local transportation from Bhuntar to Kasol. You can also hire a cab directly from Delhi or drive. Roads are pretty decent. 2. Choose camping over staying in hotels As soon as you enter Kasol market, you will see lots of tents. Spending a night inside tents in the bank of a river will be a great experience. I stayed at Parvati Woods Camp. They serve amazing food and they host a campfire with music at night. I loved the experience there. 3. Don't miss out trek to Kheerganga and stargazing The trail to Kheerganga is one of the gorgeous trekking trails in Himachal for the non-experienced ones. The trail is full of greenery and you will encounter lots of awesome waterfalls in your way. Do stay overnight in the tent above and stargazing there will be an experience for a lifetime. In addition, you will love a relaxed me time in the hot water spring located in the top of Kheerganga. Try to carry your own food or water as the food at the top is very expensive. 4. Try German Bakeries  You will find lots of German bakeries in the Kasol Market and don't forget to try them. They tasted really good. 5. Visit Tosh and Malana If you are in Kasol extend your trip to visit Tosh and Malana. You will have a wonderful experience seeing the lifestyle of people in Malabar and the beauty of Tosh. 6. Try small eateries in Kasol I loved food from small outlets in Kasol. Do try momos from the stall located right at the entrance of Kasol. Kasol does have many cool themed cafes. So, try to have experience of both. 7. Visit Manikarnika Manikarnika Gurdwara is just around 20 mins far from Kasol. You can pay a visit to Gurdwara and enjoy hot kund of Gurdwara. 8. DO NOT carry stuff back to your home I have seen instances police have caught people who had carried stuff bought in back home. Police generally stop buses in Mandi or bhuntar and check bags randomly so it's better to be safe than sorry.

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