Aditya posted on 21st November

Find Your Furniture: Exploring The Stores On MG Road

Ten-Second Takeaway

Driving down MG Road, its impossible to miss the eclectic mix of furniture and décor stores. Ranging from large, corporate-like franchises and tiny family-run antique and wood carving shops, if you’re looking for furniture, this section of MG Road is for you.

To make it easier, we took a look at some of the locations that caught our eye.

Mody Woody Interiors

Mody’s is the store for you when looking for antique furniture and ornate designs. The manufacturing is handled by their own workshop {walking distance from the store}, and they do both retail and wholesale. Huge wooden, carved doors in Jain and south Indian styles rest against the walls.

Their pride is apparent with their claim that you can bring them any type of complex pattern and they will carve it for you. While they do brass and other metal work, their speciality is most definitely wood. {As seen in the intricate bed headboards, lounging chairs and mirror frames}

Furniture Walla

After entering some of the cute little family-run stores of a bygone era, Furniture Walla can feel like jumping into a DeLorean and visiting the future. The huge franchise store offers patrons a wide, very modern selection of luxury furniture.

Beyond the obvious sofas, tables and beds, they offer a series of lights and accessories. If buying antique or hand made furniture isn’t your thing, we suggest you hit them up.

Furniture Factory

Originally from Jodhpur, Furniture Factory sells an interesting mix of items. While much of their wood is in a Jodhpuri style, they have many dressers and bed stands that seem almost Korean or Japanese in look, with a lot of thangka-like and Buddha-based artwork.

However, the real kicker is their selection of rugs. Varying in price {you’ve got to go personally and ask about each piece}, the collection includes Kashmiri, Afghani and Persian rugs.

Kasa Adbhuta

If you’ve been looking to up the cool quotient of your bedroom, we suggest you stop by Kasa Adbhuta. It’s like opening up the door to an attic; there’s old and new wood-work, quirky magazine holders, vintage chests of drawers and lots of chairs and stools.

There’s something for every budget, as well. Whether you’re in the mood to spend some big money {on their room dividers, or a nice, new mirror} or are looking for budget buys to quirk up your living space, we’re pretty sure you won’t walk out empty-handed.

The Furniture Republic

Located just above Furniture Walla, the Furniture Republic gives off just as Goliath {imagine Mody’s to be a David} a vibe as its downstairs neighbour. Except, there”s a little more warmth about the place. While they offer much the same as Furniture Walla, the quality and comfort of their sofas stand out. Just head over and plant a cushion on one of them and we dare you to tell us you don’t feel like taking a nap.

The space is shared with the Rug Republic, so you can pick up a nice warm rug while you search for the perfect seating arrangement. They also offer shipping and home delivery.

Mickey Gurmukh Retro Furniture

You can be forgiven for thinking Mickey’s is only one small ground floor space, before you locate the staircase leading to the first floor. Filled with a lot of wood-work of seemingly Rajasthani origin, the store is good for customers looking to add some colour to their homes.

Asian Treasures

We really liked Asian Treasures. They don’t sell just furniture, but a range of décor items for your home too, and we had to include them on the list because of the fun assortment of products we saw.

They source all the items from Thailand, and feature everything from statues, delicate crockery, little knick knacks for your tables, and a huge collection of Buddha heads of all different shapes and sizes. Their furniture is limited to mainly tables and dressers, but the intricate hand-painted designs caught our eye. Due to them importing everything, the furniture sells for upwards of INR 20,000 a piece.

Benchcraft Concepts

A slightly garish collection of sets, Benchcraft would be a decent place to visit if you had to do up a modern home. Exploring their huge space can be surprising after entering through their small front façade.

The shop goes in deep, and is surrounded by dining tables, bars, living rooms and sitting room sets. It doesn’t seem like they encourage buying single units or pieces, which is helpful for families shopping for houses and not individuals looking to fill a small apartment. There’s lots of lacquered furniture here, make of that what you will.

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Prices vary greatly from piece to piece and store to store, so it”s best to ask on request.