Doggy Parents, Here Are All The Essentials You Need For A First-Aid Kit

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With their unlimited energy and exuberance, our dogs often bump into things, get cuts, scrapes and other small wounds. This is why it's advisable to keep a first aid kit handy at home and when you travel with your pet. Here are a few items to get your kit started, you can add to it based on your pet’s individual needs.

Bandages And Wipes

Pet wipes, gauze and cotton are just what you need to clean up wounds, cuts and scrapes. These are also useful as bandages and to re-dress wounds. To control bleeding, you can wrap gauze or strips of clean cloth around it. Adhesive tape will come in handy to keep the dressing secure.

Antiseptic Sprays And Creams

Open wounds often attract maggots and, if left un- sprayed, can form pus. Keep an antiseptic spray like Scavon handy to spray wounds. Povidone iodine is used to clean and disinfect wounds. Mild eye drops are also useful to flush something out of your pet’s eyes.

Your Pet's Regular Medication

If your pet is allergic to anything, or needs specific medicines to be taken routinely, add these to the first aid kit. Add a note with the right dosage and instructions as well, in case you aren't there to monitor it.

Restraints & Distractions

Even the friendliest dogs can be difficult when in pain. Just in case, keep a muzzle handy. This won’t hurt your pet and you (or a vet) will be able to treat him or her efficiently and easily. For some dogs, treats can be used to reassure and to distract them.

Just In Case Items

Accidents can happen anywhere so keep a few ‘just in case’ items in the kit as well. These should include a torch or penlight, a towel or two (both paper and cloth), a pair of scissors and tweezers. A travel blanket with your pet’s scent already on it (this will be comforting) will help keep them warm.


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