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The Fitness Brigade | Introducing Studio 60

Diksha posted on 13 November

By Diksha Dwivedi

Fitness and fun didn't quite go together until quite recently. And may we say, we're happy to welcome this turn of events. Diya Roopchand Kaul and Zoe Gabrielle founded Studio 60 by Club Xcell,  {which was founded by Master instructor Kiddy Kaul in 1999}, a social fitness studio - an environment of absolute camaraderie, motivation and fun. Let's face it, it's no life without food, given there's so much of it; we would know, we talk about it a lot! The only way to balance it all out is to get down and dirty and sweat it out, even if it's just for the sake of being able to binge from time to time. Studio 60 was born out of the idea of delivering definitive transformative results through innovative programs.

Reflective of the vibrant and refreshing look of a New York Studio, Studio 60’s ambience is all about positivity and openness. With its light coloured walls, glass windows and high ceilings, the whole space reflects a certain comfort created for members, as opposed to the more functional, typical gym.

The fitness studio concentrates on personal training and group fitness, by offering classes that are undoubtedly amongst the best in Delhi. Their group fitness classes include martial arts, dance, yoga, meditation, pilates, spinning, and Les Mills, all of which are more fun when shared with fellow fitness enthusiasts. Specialised trainers lead these classes, keeping sessions lively, and workouts effective. The personal training area is equipped with the latest gym equipment, and is available to those looking for one on one time with experienced fitness trainers. You can also choose to take one of the classes on offer.

There we go Delhi, another winning studio to try and stay in shape. LBB tip - if you're not so much of a gym rat, there's nothing like group classes. All the music, energy and fellow work out buddies go a long way in keeping you motivated. If you're willing to make a real investment, a personal trainer is the most effective way to go. You have no choice but to show up when you know someone's waiting. We hope.

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Brand new fitness centre in the Capital, Studio 60 offers fun, innovative and effective group classes, and for those who take fitness a little more seriously, the option of one on one sessions with a personal trainer.

Price: Group classes - INR 3500 - 7500

Personal training - INR 10000 - 15000

Find them on facebook here.

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