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6 Rakhis Doing it Differently

Editors posted on 24th August

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Bhane’s penchant for imaginative, sustainable designs made them our sartorial go-to from day one. And of course they’ve outdone themselves this time round. This years’ SuperBro Rakhis, for the lovable, fallible, superhumans in your life, are silver-plated metal on cotton thread, with, you guessed it, superhero motifs. Oh, but they’re moonlighting as dog tags, bottle openers and keychains.

So, what’ll it be – Batman, Iron Man or Wolverine?

Price: INR 900

For more information, visit their website here.


Throwback to your childhood capers with Felt-Paper-Scissors’ adorable animal inspired, handmade felt rakhis. They’ve got bears, elephants, owls and an incredibly benevolent looking surajmukhi. They also do the prettiest felt flowers on rakhis.

Price: INR 450 onwards

Check them out here.


Moya, who work with crafts communities in Andhra Pradesh to assimilate traditional crafts into contemporary culture, have come up with a range of rakhis made out of, and this might sound a little unorthodox, leather – charmakari art, to be more specific. Carry around a little piece of culture with you – and when you have a moment, hold it up against the light.

Price: INR 450

Check them out here.


Rakhis or charm bracelets? How about both? Jewellery moguls Pipa+Bella are doing personalised rakhis this year, working wonders with some charms and some string. A pipe charm to go with that deerstalker? A bow tie charm, because bow ties are cool? Or even the ‘stache charm for the brother? Or perhaps a personalised message – in seven letters or less?

Price INR 500

Head on over to their website here, for more info.

Tribe by Amrapali

Amrapali’s budget friendly, online-only collection, Tribe, has our hearts. Their rakhis, although a bit on the traditional side, embody the classic Amrapali aesthetic that we’re head over heels for. They’re all gold-plated silver with coloured glass, crystal and pearl glass embellishments. The best bit? It doubles as a pendant, so nick it from your sibling’s bureau once rakhi is done. {If someone asks, you didn’t get this from us.}

Price: INR 820 onwards

For more information, check them out here.

Defence Bakery’s Chocolate Rakhis

So, yes, this is a bit unorthodox. You have to admit though, the idea of eating a rakhi made out of chocolate once all the hullaballoo is done, is atleast a little intriguing {if not entirely appetising}. Plus, its chocolate, what could possibly go wrong?

Where: 34, Defence Colony Market

Nearest Metro Station: Hauz Khas

Price: INR 50

Timings: 10am – 7pm

Contact: 011- 2433 – 3178

For further details visit their website, or check out their Facebook page here.

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