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7 Days, 7 Shoe Styles For Men

    Shoes are an important item of clothing most of us tend to ignore. When faced with umpteen style and form choices available in the market, it's important to pick the right kind.

    Here is our pick of seven styles of shoes to get you through the seven days of the week.


    picssss oxfords

    Characterised by their simple-yet-sleek design—made of leather, laced, and black or brown in colour—Oxfords are the top-drawer pick for formal Mondays. Whether you're working in the IT sector or at an MNC, walking into a meeting or getting ready for a pitch you have been working on; you can count on your Oxfords to leave the right impression.

    Work Boots

    shoe 2

    This is how you can bring a hint of informality {read: Fun} in your outfit. Work boots essentially capture the essence of working hard, and Tuesdays are usually when the new week really starts to sink in. Characterised by their ankle length and sturdy design, work boots are essential for every wardrobe.

    Monk straps


    Wednesdays are usually when the week unravels and work piles up, so you know you can’t waste time. Mornings start with work emails rather than Facebook, a sandwich rather than a full breakfast, and a rush to the office. Defined by the straps and buckles near the ankle, Monk straps are easy to put on and a safe bet for any formal or semi-formal event.


    image1 copy

    Thursdays are for meeting with clients at a coffee shop or unwinding with colleagues at a bar after office. Moccasins help add a nice shade of style to your wardrobe while still keeping that official look and attitude alive. If you are feeling particularly bold, opt for original woven moccasins with tassels.


    shoe 5

    Loafers {lace-less as well as slip-on} reflect leisure and comfort, and are the best fit for Fridays. Whether you're working in a semi-formal environment {like a start-up} or heading out of the office for a regular Friday scene, pair the loafers with chinos or jeans to make a relaxed transition into the weekend.

    Brogue Tassel Slip Ons

    brogue oxfords

    While your work week may have come to an end on Saturday, the weekend party is just warming up. Selecting the right shoes to complement your party wear is a must, and we'd advise switching up your style quotient and be Saturday-night-ready with the brogue tassel slip ons {dual tone}.

    Zardozi Moccasins


    Sundays are reserved for family outings. So, whether you're heading out for an afternoon brunch or high tea, simply pair up your attire with Zardozi {gold embroidery} moccasins and add that extra shade of class to your outfit.

    Which of these would you like to own? Tell us in the comments below.

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