Want Flat White Coffee And Ragi Pancakes for Breakfast? Go Here

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Their menu has been done by Kainaz of Rustom's Parsi, so expect really good, mindfully done, simple food. They open at around 9am, but breakfast typically starts around 9.30am onward, so keep that in mind.

What could be better?

Parking outside Blue Tokai is a bit of a nightmare, especially is you're driving yourself. Would recommend Ola or Uber-ing it.

I liked

Blue Tokai is my go-to for great coffee, but their food is equally fantastic. They've got an all-day dining menu; but the big hits for me are in the breakfast menu - toasted oats with yogurt, ragi pancakes with blue cheese, scrambled eggs, and French toast, they've got it all covered.

I order a flat white or a cortado to go along with it.

More Info

They've got indoor and outdoor seating, as well as WiFi! It's a great spot for an early morning meeting or breakfast while you get some work out of the way.

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