We Found Murthal-Style Parathas In Malviya Nagar

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Somewhere along the winding Shivalik Road is a tiny-looking but surprisingly spacious joint with a menu which is all about parathas. From the regular aloo and pyaaz to more exciting fillings, it’s all here.

Butter It Up

How else would you have your paratha anyway? Flavors Of Parathas has a pretty impressive selection. Amid the pyaaz and the aloo and the mirchi, we decided to take the road less taken and called for the Cheese Onion, Baby Corn and Carrot. A beautiful risk.

Each paratha is a meal in itself {it’s huuuge} and comes with a side of onions {for that lovely breath}, salty raita, spicy AF green chutney and a token piece of milk cake. And of course, cubes of white lustrous butter. Very Murthal, as promised.

We loved all the ones we tried. A special shout out to the carrot one for being spicy, tangy and just a tad bit confusing.

What Else?

They also have a selection of curries and tikkas {all vegetarian}, kesar milk straight from the kadhai and a pretty great lassi served in a kullar. We can vouch for their Dal Tadka too.

You can choose whether you want your paratha done on the tawa or in the tandoor. The only downside is they take about 20 minutes to get it to your table but we think that’s a small price to pay for fresh, hot parathas. Their send-off comprises two goblets: One filled with gur and one with saunf and mishri.


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