Enjoy Dinner 160 Ft. Above The Ground At This New Fly Dining Restaurant

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What Makes It Awesome

If you're looking to experience something interesting and out of the box then Fly Dining is the answer. At Fly Dining, the concept is simple, you are served food at a height of 160 ft. above the ground. Your table has a capacity to hold 24 other people and as you ascend high up into the sky line, you get a view of the GIP Mall, Worlds of Wonder, and the rest of the buildings around the Gardens Galleria Mall (Noida).

Once you are up there, the meal starts with their Apple kafir Lime Caprioska, followed by their Popeye's On The Sky which is a corn cup with water-chestnut, asparagus, spinach, carrots, nuts, home made sichimi with sunflower seed pesto. 

We were also served a Baked Roomali Paneer Pinwheel, which was quite nice. What we liked the most at this restaurant was their Banana Bonda with Heavenly Rice; the curry was creamy and of a good texture, the rice went well with it. The curry was on the sweeter side and tasted sort of coconut-y (basically this one was quite tropical in it's flavours). Between these dishes we were served a Charred Water-chestnut, and Shitake Cake with chili bean, which was also nice but not as flavourful as the rest of their dishes. The portions of all the servings were decent, not a great deal generous but not scarce either. 

The meal ended with a dessert; namely their Bird's Nest in The Air. This was basically a Turkish pastry with white and dark chocolate dripping over it. The pastry was somewhat like sevai, so it was crunchy and a nice contrast to the liquid chocolate it was garnished with.

We appreciate the creativity with which they curated the entire menu, but simultaneously, feel that a fixed menu seems a little restrictive.

There are three timings for dinner at Fly Dining in Noida - 7:20 pm, 8:40 pm, and 10 pm. Price for one: INR 2,999.

What Could Be Better

The service could definitely be better. We found their way of dealing with their clients somewhat unpolished, but considering that it's a new joint, we feel it should level out soon. 


Make sure that you reserve a spot before you drop by. You should also reach the location at least half an hour before your time slot. 

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