Gone With The Wind: Paraglide Over The City With Flyboy Air Safari

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A step ahead of traditional adventure activities, Flyboy Air Safari lets you explore the city sky on a paramotor – literally flying with the birds.

Bird's Eye-View

If paragliding has been your dream, grow a pair of ‘wings’ and step into the world of paramotoring which basically is a powered paraglide that operates with the help of an attached motor, harness and a propeller. Starting from as low as INR 1,299, experience and enjoy a stunning view of lush green belt areas around Delhi, sprawling farmhouses and the chaos of the city life from an eagle eye view.

Our Verdict

The pilots are have over 7 years of flying experience and licenses and Flyboy takes every measure to make sure these rides safe with state-of-the-art equipment and rigorous checks before every flight.

If you’re not too sure about long span flights, opt for the flyboy teaser which covers 3kms {approx)}and lasts for a flight time of 3-5 minutes. While giving you a tiny peek into the paramotoring experience, it’s surely going to leave you wanting more.

So, We're Saying...

Flyboy is great for beginners and opens up a whole new world of adventure sport for those adventure junkies.


Make sure you check the weather before you book, since it is a weather-based sport. Also, loose clothes and comfortable shoes go without saying.


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