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Follow These Fashion Bloggers For The Best Tips & Tricks

Namrata posted on 10th October

No matter what your taste, everyone needs a little push in the right direction. These ladies will be more than helpful, we promise.

Ritu Arya, Razzle Dazzle Pickle

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If you like to keep it simple, you’re going to love Ritu Arya’s personal aesthetic. Minimal yet high on style, her outfits make for perfect everyday inspiration. She combines music and fashion, so you can look forward to music recommendations as well.

Find her blog here.

Akanksha Redhu

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Great style is subtle; it doesn’t try too hard. That sums up Akanksha Redhu’s flair in a line. Fairly well-known on the fashion circuit, what catches our eye is her fluid pairings and accessories. She’ll help you keep up with trends {fashion & beauty} and provide insight into Delhi’s fashion events.

Find her blog here.

Sheeren & Kayaan, Love & Other Bugs

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These girls are all about the silhouettes and prints. From floral jackets to minimal kaftan dresses, they experiment with just about everything. They have a penchant for unorthodox yet easy-to-wear ensembles- great inspiration for days you’re mystified about what to throw on.

Find their blog here.

Rhea Gupte, FUSS

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Rhea Gupte is a stylist, art director and a model all rolled into one. She uses her clothes, accessories and her surroundings to tell a story through stunning photographs. Not your stereotypical fashion blogger, but worth paying attention to either way.

Find her blog here.

Rasna Bhasin, A Good Sense of Distaste

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A name almost everyone knows and loves on the fashion scene, Rasna will give you her insight into the industry in short, easy-to-digest pieces. We’ll tell you- for anyone who’s intimidated by the world of towering models and torrents of material, she’s the best to make it relatable. It’ll be akin to a conversation with a girlfriend.

Find her blog here.

Ruhi Sheikh, Republic of Chic

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Think of Ruhi as your put-together, chic gal-pal. She's casual and accessible, and she experiments with a variety of aesthetics. She’ll help with date outfit planning, tell you how to step up your game on the professional front, mix prints- you name it.

Find her blog here.

Gia Kashyap, Gia Says That

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With a fleet of photographs, all of which have an underlying theme, Gia works with a variety of textures, colours and ideas. Whether it’s Indian or Western wear, make-up or beauty products, she’ll give you plenty of ideas to get your aesthetic on fleek.

Find her blog here.

Shreya Kalra, For the Love of Fashion & Other Things

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With Delhi’s colourful streets and stories as her backdrop, Shreya Kalra brings you well-shot style ensembles. Whether you’re looking for how to wear bright colours, how to seamlessly pair Indian accessories with western apparel or how to dress up your basics, she’s your girl.

Find her blog here.