Food So Good, You’ll Want To Lift Your Plate and Say 'Kampai' Here

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What Makes It Awesome

I remember falling in love with Kampai the first time I stepped into the place! It had a vibe! Not entirely inexplicable but something you feel more than just see, it had good energy, then we ate and what a meal it was! Kampai means ‘cheers’ in Japanese and apart from their cocktails, their food makes you want to lift the plate and say it. Done up with larger-than-life murals of Geisha like portraits and a juxtaposition of bold colours of muted tones of ash rose, as much as I’d like to be there, I was super thrilled that they had started delivery too, though they’re one of the first places I will visit when I can, I just had to eat their food!

Special emphasis has been given to the interiors at Kampai to complement its delectable cuisine. The restaurant interiors depict the seasons in Japan, from chilly winters to pleasant springs with cherry blossoms dotting the landscape, space has been segregated into various sections, each depicting a different season. The depiction has been executed through various features like the colours of the walls, the difference in the ceilings throughout the restaurant; unique laser cut panels as well as projections, making it a gorgeous space to be in.

What makes their food noteworthy isn’t just the preparation but the obviously high quality of the ingredients which is so essential to make good Japanese food. The menu is loaded with specialities like sushi, sashimi, ramen, tempura, yakitori, udon, katsu, teppanyaki, and more! Combining freshly imported ingredients with a creative interpretation of traditional Japanese cuisine the kitchen has put together a commendable selection of fresh salads, fried and grilled dishes, hearty meats, the freshest of sashimi to irresistible nigiri and rolls. I wouldn’t miss the Black Cod Miso, the Goat cheese, water chestnut and spinach dumpling, Yurinchi (Chicken sautéed with onion soy sauce), Lamb chops in miso butter and the Ome-Rice (Fried rice wrapped in an omelette), Salmon Katsu Roll and Tuna Tartare when I visit but I ordered an entirely different selection for home so I don’t keep repeating my usual meal at Kampai. I can’t deny that I missed their collection of Sakes but I’ve kept that treat for when I go there. Our meal was as stellar at home as it had been at the venue itself. We started with Potato Croquettes, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and the Tori no Karaage, Japanese Fried Chicken which reached us fresh and crispy.

We had to have Sushi and Dimsum, so there was Ebi Tempura, always a good choice and perfectly steamed chicken and vegetarian dumplings. For the main course, we had the Ma Bo Tofu, minced chicken and tofu in a Mambo sauce, the Tori no Teriyaki, chicken Teriyaki sauce, as a side note, they do the most perfect Teriyaki sauce among most Japanese restaurants. Even the vegetarian dishes were memorable, perfectly cooked vegetables, with a slight bite to them in delicate sauces so you can taste the very flavour of the vegetable. Don’t miss the Yasai Itame, in fact the vegetarian dishes at Kampai are as noteworthy as the non-vegetarian which isn’t an easy feat since meat is naturally satisfying but vegetables need a good hand to make a good dish. We added a side of Teppanyaki Chicken Fried Rice and Yaki Soba Noodles to complete our feast and what a feast it was! So, the next time you’re craving authentic and quality Japanese food, make the right choice, choose Kampai!

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