Food Decor Shop: Make Them Cakes Pretty

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Bursting with baking ingredients, decorations, and equipment, Food Decor Shop is every baker’s one-stop-shop.

Colours and sparkles

We’ve all made the occasional brownie and the cookie, but this store makes you strive for more. When faced with their umpteen colours {liquid, powder, gel and marking pens}, sparkles, butterflies, sugar balls, pearl confetti, cake tops and cake moulds, you can’t help but design your dream cake in your head, and then get cracking.

What’s your flavour?

Food Decor Shop also stores a bunch of ‘Belgium Flavours’ which can make life just a little bit easier if you’re handling a big baking project. Choose from 36 flavours including Kacchi Kerry {raw mango}, Pan Masala, Strawberry, Cinnamon, Clove, Mint, Watermelon and Cola.

If you’re looking for pretty ways to package your pretty creations, they’ve recently launched an array of PVC cookie and cake boxes.

Take out those blenders and get whipping.

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