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Molecule Air Bar

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Molecule's New Menu Is A Treat For Eyes & The Palate: Here Are 7 Things You Must Try

Nikita posted on 01 February


Our favourite, open-air restro-bar has just launched a new menu and it sounds too good to be true. Head over to Molecule in sector 29, Gurgaon for a gastronomical experience like never before. Here’s what you must try.

Fresh Start

Start with the Asian Golgappa, that comes with chutney in syringes and flavoured paani in test tubes {raise a toast to a bright start}. Once the Golgappas have set the mood, move over to a live demonstration of the Indian street chaat {treat for the eyes} as the chef creates magic with flavours and brings you surprises with refreshing, Indian condiments.

#LBBTip: If you also have an undying love for South Indian food like we do, Molecule’s got a special Indo-Chinese twist to our lovely little Idlis with hot-as-ever bhut jolokia sauce that will tantalise your taste buds. You’ve got to try this one!

We Got Wings!

The Buffalo Chicken Wings at Molecule are brimming with the flavours of barbeque, sesame and pungent mustard potato. If you like winging your chicken on the crispy side, go for the filo-wrapped wings, which will {like every other meal} leave you hunched to the table until the last crumb on that dish finishes.

Get Some Vitamin Sea

No one does fish better than Bengal, and the sous chef at Molecule has added a classic Bengali dish to the menu which brings the earthy flavours of Bengal to every plate. Served with ghee rice and aloo bhaja, this classic home-style fish is a seafood lover’s delight.

Rolls Royce

Another treat for the eyes, Mutton Rolls Royce, is no less than a rainbow on the plate. Inspired by a form of Persian Kebab wrapped in soft, Lebanese bread and served on a bed of beetroot-flavoured hummus along with popcorn mango achar, is a tasty roller coaster ride.

Makhani Chicken Ravioli

The creamy Chicken Ravioli is another reason why we are sure to make another trip to Molecule. Inspired from the most popular dish on the old menu – Murgh Makhani, this Indo-Italian fusion is for those who like to start their meal with pasta and end it with chicken makhani. Served with quinoa crackers instead of Parmesan, this one’s a clear winner.  

Dip That Slice Of Italy

For those who do not care to count calories and always want extra cheese on their pizza, listen up! The piping hot fondue cheese sauce is adding another layer of awesome {and reason to eat} our favourite Italian invention.  

Desserts Go To The Heart

A meal doesn’t end if you haven’t balanced your savoury treats with a sugar rush. Molecule has moved away from the regular dessert menu and experimented to create an edible lava coal which is made of activated charcoal. Giving a twist to the its Molten Cheese Croquette, this interesting piece of charcoal served with gunpowder and sweet chilli yoghurt is crispy from the outside and melts like butter on the inside. Another decadent dessert that will make your heart skip a beat is the Chocolate Comet Crash. Inspired by a shooting star in the sky, this galaxy of a dessert changes flavour with an amalgamation of their secret sauces.

Molecule has taken the dining experience a notch higher with these new introductions to its menu. We say, go and try out it out!

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