Call FOOZY For Killer Khao Suey & More In Gurgaon

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New kid on the block, delivery-only online food venture, FOOZY, has an expansive menu that features a lot of different cuisines, and promises to take your taste buds on a trip around the world.

Must Eat

The menu is expansive and neatly organised in categories depending on the occasion, and your appetite. The options themselves are a whirlwind of flavours – straddling everything from international stars to regional classics, and the tempting images on the website don’t make choosing what to eat any easier.

Since my heart invariably beats more for the east than the west – both the Awesome Burmese Khao Suey, and the Terrific Thai Meal were on my radar. The Khao Suey travels well, and all the sidekicks are packed beautifully to add their own sneaky essences into the dish. The hero itself is hearty, coconutty and loaded with fresh veggies and chicken, and just perfect to bring the warmth back on a slightly nippy monsoon evening.

The Thai meal reminds us of strolls in the by-lanes of Bangkok – a curry that is fragrant with kaffir and lemongrass and paired with chunky and hot basil chicken for a rather nap-inducing treat.

The Grilled Fish in African Spices and Garlic Mash combines our weakness for seafood, grills and buttery mashes- this is truly heaven on a platter. Our penchant for nibbling also encourages us to try the Lebanese Falafel Hummus Pita Bread Troika- and it is happily passed around and messily shared.

Must Drink

We paired our meal with a punch packed Ginger Ale, and a milder but equally refreshing tall glass of Mojito FOOZY Style.

What We Loved

The user interface is super intuitive, and the elaborate menu is nicely arranged. We loved the food shots online- and the best part- you get what you see! Service is fairly quick and the ordering process both online and on the phone is easy peasy.

What Didn’t Impress Us

The dessert section needs some work-  our sweet tooth wasn’t able to travel the world as much as the rest of our mouth did.


The menu is ever evolving and changes to showcase more of the globe {and parts of India}. It’s a good idea to check with the team for recommendations on what’s the current special. They also do corporate lunches and catering for special dos.


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