Enjoy Uniquely Modern Indian Culinary Experience At This Swanky Restaurant

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There are destinations you miss not only because of how they looked or how good the food was but because of how they made you feel. Some spaces just have a way of making you feel special, put you in a celebratory mood and The House of Celeste is one such space. Located at the tony 32nd Avenue, this restaurant is the epitome of chic casual, it looks like a tropical fine dining haven but also makes you feel like you don’t have to make an effort to fit in. The décor is bold tropical motifs, stark, deep colour palettes, a gorgeous bar, an open kitchen with a view of the wood fired oven you will wish you could take home and cosy private dining rooms for intimate get togethers. Spread neatly over levelled areas, it feels airy, spacious and yet warm and welcoming. Once I realized I could miss a place less if only I could access their food, I was thrilled to know that The House of Celeste was delivering as well. In these times this is a necessary move and I’m happy to note that even fine dining kitchens are able to work their menu around in a way that it reaches you just like it would if it were served at the venue itself.

At, The House of Celeste, the food focuses on local ingredients & regional cuisines, it celebrates nuanced dishes from across the culinary landscape of this vast nation and it is so heartening to see these dishes being accepted and celebrated. The menu is innovative, contemporary and modern offering small plates, large plates, sides and desserts with the season’s finest ingredients. The selection of small plates includes amped up versions of classic favourites, from Puchka Pebbles (probably the most unique presentation of this street food staple), Papdi Chaat to Vada Pao and Shikampuri Kebab. I loved the slider sized Vada Pao the most and the Mushroom Galawat were a pleasant surprise, the kind of vegetarian kebab where you don’t miss the meat because the seasoning is so perfect. From the Big Plates, I had to try the Black Dal Celeste, a Makhni dal is a great way to gauge the prowess of an Indian kitchen and their version is spot on, creamy, rich and full of flavour. Pair that with Malai Kofta in Pukhtan curry and Paneer Pasanda which look a lot like ravioli but tastes just how Pasanda should. Since the menu encompasses several regional cuisines, I highly recommend the Dilli 6 Nalli Nehari, you will never miss old Delhi food again! If you’re serving a large group then the Tawa Mutton Boti and Mangalore Ghee Roast will fit right in, every dish comes with frills that make them unique to the Celeste kitchen, the tempered coconut flakes over the Ghee Roast and the Achari Mirch with the Tawa Boti, it’s all very elaborate and well thought out. For breads you could opt with their loaded Flatbreads, my favourite is the Methi Murgh with Tomato Pickle or you could choose from a selection of traditional breads like Malabar Parantha, Garlic Naan and a choice of Kulchas.

Even the desserts are as dressy as the main meals and starters. That’s the thing with Modern Indian food done right, the flavours are there but you would never expect it when you see the presentation. Their House Made Gelatos celebrate the season with flavours like lemon honey ginger, ghur khajoor and gulkand coconut but we chose the Jalebi which is served with an apple murabba and basundi, absolutely delightful. So, the next time you crave Indian food, check out The House of Celeste for a uniquely elegant dining experience. Till I can pair this food with their artisanal cocktail menu, I shall be planning my next binge!