This Zero-Waste Store-Cum-Cafe Has Products You Just Can't Do Without

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What Makes It Awesome

For Earth's Sake in Galleria, Gurgaon is a zero-waste store-cum-cafe (also available to shop online). It's on the first floor of the market and has big windows and a cute blue door. 

Once you enter the store-cum-cafe, you'll find a range of reusable stainless steel and copper bottles (starting at INR 379). They also have everything from bamboo (INR 30 each) and metal (starting at INR 110) straws to vegan soaps (starting at INR 150 for coconut oil based soaps and INR 375 for butter cream based soaps), eco-friendly stationery, and there's a corner designated to your daily-use groceries. You'll find organic pulses, grains, eco-friendly laundry detergent, shampoos and more here.

If you're always on the go and love coffee, then you must check out their reusable bamboo fiber coffee mugs (at INR 229). The brand is also bringing back metal tiffin boxes (at INR 545) , and we love it! You can also buy eco-friendly razors (starting at INR 45 for wheat straw and INR 249 for bamboo) and combs (starting at INR 35 for wheat straw and INR 150 for neem wood), vegan soaps, organic cotton tampons and pads, menstrual cup (at INR 950) and a lot more from the store.

At the cafe, you can try some delicious sweet and savoury treats. You can choose from croissants, quiches, pastries, brownies, and vanilla and chocolate cookies! They also offer vegan cake that you can enjoy with your coffee either inside, or at their outdoor seating area.


While we suggest that you should take necessary precautions and not step out to shop, the good news is that the brand is delivering across the country. You could check their Instagram handle (@forearthssakein) for more info or visit their website.

Brownie point: If you get your own dabba to take the pulses home, you get a discount. Or you can just get glass jars (of different sizes) and bottles from the store itself. They're all reasonably priced. (Make sure you do this only when it's safe to get out!)


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