An Amalgamation Of Good (And Green) Food & Pretty Decor At Fig At Museo!

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What Makes It Awesome

Have you ever considered the 'vibe'? I mean, we love certain places for the decor and some for the food and some for both but have you ever considered the vibe? I found a place that turned out to be the best combination of good vibes, good food and good location and it's the first restaurant venture of a food delivery brand I have patronized for a long time.

Fig, sits pretty inside a rather overwhelming camera museum, I say that because it's truly spectacular but more on that in another article, let's get back to Fig. With an ambience dedicated to understated natural elements like raw wood and concrete, this well-lit cafe gives you a sense of being outdoors which is a big part of why it gives you a sense of well being.

They have an outdoor space where they're planning a wood-fired pizza oven and a BBQ pit but even without all that, the menu at Fig is both trendy and conscious. I use the word 'conscious' because the eggs they use are free-range and unfertilized, the greens are hydroponic and there is a dedicated page of a good number of dishes that are vegan and keto-friendly.

All this what makes Fig a truly inclusive space for a discerning diner. So far we have been here for just coffee and dessert, the coffees available are Indian and Ethiopian and both equally good, the flat white does true justice to the complexity of the blends they use. We have come here for breakfast and I suggest you always include their Open Face Sourdough Toast with Haas avocado and harissa.

The sourdough is made in house, in their wood-fired oven and it is stellar, thankfully all the breakfast dishes come with it. We loved the fluffy French fold omelettes, the poaches eggs, especially the one with labneh and haloumi, both were the real thing! I suggest you finish with the cocoa butter and pecan French toast made with brioche, the cocoa butter is melted down to an oil consistency making it very easy to drizzle over the French toast and also making sure you're not left with that greasy mouthfeel, cocoa butter tends to cause!

Finally, we also went for a full-on a meal the other day and I am so happy to report that this menu does way more than ample justice to Vegetarian and vegan food. You could go all Asian and do a Thai veggie meal of Morning Glory, Pumpkin Massaman with Jasmine Rice or go Mexicana with Chipotle Chicken Tacos and a loaded Burrito Bowl.

Both these meals were so good that we went back with friends and they went and had a Pulled Lamb Burger and the Zaatar Roast Chicken, making our list of favourites at Fig, even bigger! Their pastry chef is another big asset to the team, the desserts are essentially entremets, from which the Slow Baked Chocolate Cake and the vegan Mango and Coconut Tapioca Pudding are worth packing for later! We can't wait for our next meal at Fig, there is still much to try!

What Could Be Better

Just waiting for the beer and BBQ.


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