Poetry can be the most freeing of art forms. It can be private, or public, or even a mix of the two. Here we bring you poetry reading clubs in Delhi that not only are spaces to speak out loud, but also where you can have your 15 minutes of fame. Most of these places also have workshops, so check ‘em out!

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Delhi Poetry Slam

Delhi Poetry Slam

DelhiPoetry_delhipoetryslam For the Poet in You: Poetry Reading Clubs in Delhi

Organising some of the best poetry slams in town, Delhi Poetry Slam also hones the art of the spoken word, by providing workshops. Since 2013, the club does artist management for spoken word performers and hosts events at venues across Delhi. Slam is essentially competitive performance poetry that can include hip hop lyrics, storytelling and so much more. Delhi Poetry Slam has brought together local and international performers, on a common platform, at poetry reading sessions in Delhi.

Contact: 011 26808633/ 5948; email at info@delhipoetryslam.com

Follow their Facebook page here. Find their website here.

Delhi Poetree

This is a club with a mission statement that pledges to spread poetry in NCR through 30 poetry readings a month. Any poet can read from anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes at these reading. These are usually cusioned by a round of introductions and question and answers. They have poetry in the parks on Mondays and workshops on Wednesdays. They have similar activities on all days of the week.

Contact: +91 9958323256, +91 9313120050, +91 9212010142

Follow their website here.

Poets and Pints

Poets and Pints was inspired by a northern Irish event, where the students of Queens University got together at a local bookstore every month and had BYOB {bring your own book AND booze} poetry reading sessions. The Delhi based terrace get-togethers are areas of no judgement, and are spaces to express oneself {so leave behind that stage fright}.

Where: Location is announced prior to event

Price: Free

For regular updates, follow their Facebook page here.

Poetry Couture

Poetry Couture is a pro-bono initiative across the main cities of India including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, that revives the culture of reading poetry and prose. This is mostly for the youth to engage with poetry intrinsically, and to create a space where one can practice one’s right to free speech. They generally read at cafes and parks. They have come up with events and sessions that deal with social malpractices and customs.

Contact: +91 9560441193, email at poetrycouture@gmail.com

Follow their Facebook page here.

Poets Corner

DelhiPoetry_DelhiPoetsCorner For the Poet in You: Poetry Reading Clubs in Delhi

The name behind the famous and fabulous Delhi Poetry Festival, Poet’s Corner started off as a student’s movement and has now become a panIndia Poetry phenomenon. They even have a children’s section called the New Leaf Poets Club. They organise online competitions, poetry reading events and book launches.

Contact: Email at poetscornergroup@gmail.com

Follow their website here.  Follow them on Facebook here.


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