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Nothing But The Best: Call Fotowalle For Candid & Natural Wedding Photography

What Makes It Awesome

I cannot recommend Fotowalle enough. For someone who usually doesn't care about documenting life events, apart from the things my dogs do, Fotowalle delivered on capturing my wedding in the most spectacular way possible. No awkward overly posey shots, no bullshit pseudo longing looks, no drama- they don't do boring, vanilla, typical Indian wedding photography. They like keeping things fun and exciting, all the while ensuring the most memorable parts of your special days are caught on camera. Both Parag and Kanu are young and approachable themselves, which made working with them a breeze. They're pretty organised, and also really know how to put people at ease. My brief to them was simple - Don't make the wedding about the bride and groom because that's just boring, and make sure you get plenty of pictures of our friends because that's what we'll really cherish. And they delivered on both those fronts.

What's My Pro Tip?

Spend time with Kanu and Parag so they get a better sense of your requirements and also your personality. Also, check out their work on Instagram.

Anything Else?

They're awesome on email and WhatsApp and basically communicate the right amount. I didn't need to follow up with them for anything, and all pictures were delivered to me on time. They allocate a number of photographers based on the size of your events, and also do videos too {which we didn't get done because I find wedding videos a little ridiculous!}. They've shot a bunch of really cool weddings. Though I'm sure they've worked on all sizes of weddings, I personally think they'd be best for more intimate setups. They really invest time and put effort to get to know the couples, and that reflects best when the wedding itself is personal.