We Discovered Black Jalebis And They Actually Taste Amazing!

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Black-coloured desserts have become a recurring trend in the city, and after black ice-cream, we recently came across an eatery near Jama Masjid that does the most appetising Black Jalebis. Old Delhi’s the gift that just keeps giving, right?

Sweet, Sweet News

We believe that old Delhi’s where the best of city’s sweet and savoury delights can be found, and the Matia Mahal lane is one such street with the likes of Al Jawahar, Cool Point and Aslam’s Chicken ensuring that we head back home happy and full, always.

Our latest old Delhi discovery is Sultanji Sweets and Snacks in the Matia Mahal lane {opposite Cool Point} that does Mawa Jalebis {aka Black Jalebi}. The shop, which has been around for almost one and a half years, is a branch of the original one of the same name in Madhya Pradesh, and the only store in Delhi that does Black Jalebi. Made with mawa {instead of the maida used in the regular golden jalebis}, the black version is crisp on the outside, gooey on the inside and dripping with sugar syrup. We love our regular jalebis but the mawa ones are definitely taking things up a notch; it’s like the lovechild of two of our favourite desserts – jalebi and gulab jamun.

Priced at just INR 30 for 100g, these jalebis will definitely make it difficult for you to follow that detox diet. But, it tastes so good that you might as well call for that cheat day just a bit early this week. Sultanji Sweets also serves gulab jamun and dahi vada which we hear are not so bad either.

So, We're Saying..

We promise the black jalebis are worth the trip to old Delhi, and if you’re a photographer, the way it tastes is just extra incentive.


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