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What Makes It Awesome?

We discovered this tiny cyan themed aesthetic cafe, Xero degrees, in the Satya Niketan cafe lane, which is opposite to the Sri Venkateswara College. This cafe is absolutely gorgeous from outside as well as inside. The seating area isn’t too broad, there is hardly any area for seven to eight tables. And one special seating space which is decorated specially for special occasions.

Coming to the food, we ordered Pizza fries which was one of the variants in the fries in a jar category. The food looked absolutely delicious, and the price to quantity ratio was justified too, however, what they missed out on was the balance of flavours the marinara sauce or the pizza sauce basically was not made in-house but was rather a store-bought pizza pasta sauce which was high on sourness and they loaded the top of the fries with a decent portion of that. It would have tasted much better if they had used melted mozzarella cheese instead of mayonnaise which was slightly sweet on the fries. The fries itself were well cooked and coated with some flavourful masala. Presentation-wise they did a great job, but we still felt that they missed the mark since all they are doing is assembling the store-bought frozen fries, mayonnaise and pizza pasta sauce in a jar, which tasted quite average, rather too high on flavours, the kind which will start making you feel nauseatic. We sort of have a mixed feeling for this particular dish.

Next up we ordered Hazelnut hot chocolate, served in a tall glass mug, decent portion size, yet again they missed the flavour balance. Also, even the hot chocolate was made out of store-bought hot chocolate powder and along with that they added hazelnut sauce which too was store-bought and the drink was super high on sugar. Although for the presentation they again get a full five star, but the sugar was this high that I couldn’t manage to finish the drink.

This cafe has really nice and new options for drinks as well as food, we tried a drink recommended by them, Oreo blueberry cheesecake premium milkshake. They serve their milkshakes in tall takeaway jars, the milkshake has a thick consistency but was again too high on sugar, it had blueberry and milky flavours and oreo crummies throughout the shake spread uniformly, even the cheesecake crust could be tasted, what was lacking was the cream cheese flavour. They can surely work on that better.

Apart from that, they have good service, decent ambience and good options for food. Zero degrees gets a solid 3 star.

What Could Be Better?

What really wasn’t going with the aesthetics was the playlist. With such a gorgeous aesthetic ambience, loud Punjabi or loud Bollywood music doesn't really go with the lovely ambience which they have created.

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