Freshly-Brewed Coffee From This Noida Food Truck Is Making Us Happy

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Caffeinated, a coffee-serving food truck parked close to Amity University has been serving broke, java-seeking college students for the last few months and their cold coffee {made from fresh beans from Bengaluru} starts at a mere INR 60.

Espresso Your Love Freely

When we heard Caffeinated’s claims of “authentic and premium” coffee, we assumed it’d come at a cost that’d make every-alternate-day kind of visits a far-fetched dream. But we were in for a surprise: The coffee beans are sourced from the estates of Baba Budangiri and then roasted in a fancy Italian roaster, and yet, the most expensive ice-cream-blended coffee on the menu comes at INR 90. Yay! This is what we call the taming of the brew.

While we’d like you to experience both the hot and cold versions, we’ve found ourselves going back for the Oreo Shekerato – a winning combination of ice, espresso, milk, oreos and chocolate sauce.

Better Latte Than Never

This family-run truck is a dream food venture for Nakul and Mukul who’ve gone great lengths in making sure that everything’s perfect. They’ve engaged a professional Bengaluru-based roaster to grind green coffee beans and ensured that from the no-nonsense cappuccino to cold coffees with hazelnut and caramel, there’s no dearth of options here. Which reminds us, there’s also tea and ice cream shakes for those rare friends you love despite their disregard for coffee.

After the caffeine fix, you might feel like you could do with a small bite {it happens to us all the time!}. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a plate of dim sums, sandwiches and/or nachos.

So, We’re Saying…

Fuel up on the move or drown the break-up sorrows in a glass of iced cold coffee. Like a wise man once said: Mocha haath se choot naa jaaye…


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