Fresh Food At Its Best And A Dynamite Gin Cocktail Menu- At NicoCaara

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What Makes It Awesome?

Their food isn't only really well made, I love that the stars of their dishes are their farm-fresh ingredients. I tried their baked sweet potatoes, chilli avocado with toast and a bowl of their Malay Curry with prawns. The quality of their food and ingredients is possibly one of the best I've had in cafes in Delhi; my favourite of all of the dishes was my large plate, a bowl of Malay Curry (packed with veggies and prawns) and brown rice. Super light, lovely flavours!

Their drinks are also awesome- personally loved their gin cocktails.

Because I was feeling especially indulgent, we ended our meal with a gluten-free orange and almond sponge cake with mascarpone cheese- this dessert is πŸ’£πŸ’£. So good, and again, really light.

I rarely eat out anymore as most cafes end up having decadent menus. NicoCaara is a breath of fresh air- keeping their food light, wholesome and downright delicious.

Also, their service is πŸ’―. Our server was super warm and gave great recommendations.

What Could Be Better?

I like quiet places, and NicoCaara's exactly that. If you're in the mood for a spot that's happening & packed, NicoCaara may not be an ideal

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