Orchid, Lemon & More: These Sweet Smelling Wet Wipes Are Fresh And Clean AF


    What Makes It Awesome

    Wet wipes are quite honestly one of the greatest inventions by humankind. They're convenient, easy to carry and get the job done quickly. A flagship brand of Gaba Care Pvt. Ltd., Freshca does plenty of different kinds of fragrant wet wipes. 

    At Freshca, you will find intimate wipes for both men and women, hand sanitizing wet wipes, refreshing wet wipes and some for babies too. They also have Micellar Water Formula Makeup remover wet wipes for all the times when you're unable to fetch cotton pads and micellar water in your multiple make-up bags. What we love most about these are the various fragrances - lemon, floral, orchid, shea butter and the likes.

    Available in a pack of 20 and 50, these wipes are paraben and silicone-free and are also suitable for all skin types. 

    Price: INR 209 upwards 


    You can shop for Freshca's wet wipes right here on LBB.