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Chai Magic: The Brewhouse Has The Best Iced Teas We've Had In A While

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What Makes It Awesome

There’s nothing more refreshing than some freshly brewed ice tea to beat the heat. The Brewhouse brings you delicious flavours of freshly brewed ice tea made from real leaves from the Nilgiris. Their teas can be bought online through their website, can be also be found at local grocery stores and right here at LBB! 

The Brewhouse uses the finest tea leaves from the Nilgiris in South India for their brews. Unlike sickly sweet, powdered ice teas, their teas taste freshly brewed and aren’t too sweet. The natural brew brings out the flavours beautifully, and you can take your pick from peach, lemon, honey mint, blueberry, forest berry and more. What we especially like about their flavours is how fresh and different they are. Our all-time favourite is their Organic Forest Berry Ice Tea, it's so refreshing and the blend's been created so well with the forest berries, hibiscus and tea. A tricky balance to strike, but they’ve hit all the right notes with this one. Then there’s the Classic Lemon Ice Tea, fresh and not too sweet. The Honey Mint Ice Tea is more subtle, but perhaps not for everyone, the honey and mint are combined with green tea, so if you’re a green tea lover, this will appeal to you. The Classic Peach Ice Tea was a hit with the most takers, you can really taste the peach juice without losing out on the flavour of the tea leaves. 

Their prices begin at INR 360 for a pack of 9 bottles. The teas that come in the glass bottles have a shelf life of about 12 months whereas the ones in PET bottles last upto 9 months from the date of manufacture. 


For mass consumption, you can even get a pack of 24 bottles of these teas for INR 960. Brewhouse is definitely going to be our go-to-drink this summer.