Friday Night Plans: Join This Man To A Secret Spot To Find Fireflies In The City

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Verhaen Khanna is a keeper of secrets. Somewhere near Safdarjung, he knows a hideout where you can leave the city behind and actually see fireflies. If his Firefly Fridays sound amazing to you, we have all the deets on how you can participate.

Glow & Behold!

Verhaen actually happens to be a part of the New Delhi Nature Society {NDNC} and by the virtue of that, he’s privy to Delhi’s quietest, greenest corners. After 15 years of watching the fireflies socialise and procreate though, he decided to let people in one of Delhi’s well-guarded secrets – a place where fireflies roam free and wild.

“I’ve seen them socialise and procreate here for years and I’d love for people to come by and see this magical place. The idea is for people to preserve it and actually recreate this habitat at other locations. Fireflies are an indicator that the environment is bustling and healthy and wouldn’t we love to have more of these pockets around?” Verhaen says.

The Firefly Fridays kicked off last week as a one-off activity but soon as he put out a Facebook post, he was flooded with queries. Unable to say no to anyone, he decided to accommodate all the inquisitive firefly enthusiasts over the next few visits. The coming Friday {Sept 29}, he’s taking a fresh batch and he’s still got some spots vacant. So, if you’re reading this, you’re in luck. Yay!

So, We're Saying...

All the instructions on prepping up are here.

If you’re interested, send a confirmation Whatsapp message to Varhaen. The contribution amount is INR 100 and it can be PAYTM-ed so he knows that you’re coming for sure. The walkers will all assemble at CCD in Safdarjung Enclave at 6pm.

Too late to sign up for this one? Write to him on Facebook either way because if there are enough people, he’ll continue walking people.

When: Sept 29

Where: People will assemble at CCD in Safdarjung Enclave

Timings: 6pm onwards


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