Fried Brownie Dimsum & an Open Pizzeria at Spezia Bistro

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New kid on the block, Spezia Bistro is fast becoming one of the most popular joints in Hudson Lane. Spacious and quirky, the Bistro’s interiors definitely set the perfect tone for its scrumptious dishes. Enjoy a delicious meal here as Bob Marley, the Beatles, Rolling Stones et al watch over you, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Must Eat

We started off with the Macho Nachos, and boy, do we recommend them. A mountain of nachos topped with French fries, onion rings, cherry tomatoes AND cheese, it’s one sinful platter.

The Pan-seared Fish Parmigiana looked and tasted heavenly, as did the perfectly sized Pita Pockets.

Full though we were, we couldn’t help but experiment a little with the Folletto Buono Dimsum – a fried brownie dimsum served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. We’ll admit it sounds a touch weird but this unusual dessert was actually quite the treat.

Must Drink

In anticipation of the boiling summer, we recommend the Cucumber Mint Cooler – a perfect refresher. If you want to be more adventurous, try the Spicy Mango Mojito.

Their shakes didn’t disappoint either. Thick and creamy, the Bistro definitely does justice to the classic Oreo.

What else?

The open Pizzeria! We spent half our time staring in fascination as the chef flipped the pizza to perfection. We also here they serve waffles in the form of Jenga, which won us over.

The staff deserves a special mention for being so courteous and friendly, and for their quick service.

What is the best time to visit?

Any time of the day, really. The Bistro even has live screenings of matches, so you know what to do when cricket fever is at its peak.


Spezia wins our heart with its cute photo booth in the corner, which has an actual sword and helmet along with several other silly props. Coupled this with the great lighting, and we assure you your Snapchat story of the day will be the talk of the town.


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