These Frozen Pizzas Are Healthier & Yummier Than The Regular Places

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Pizza By K

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What Makes It Awesome

When you think of frozen food, you probably think it's unhealthy, full of preservatives you don't need and, well, you'd rather just order in from that same old delivery place near your house. Right? 

Well, we found something that'll change your mind. Pizza By K was started by Kartik during lockdown as he tried and tested and perfected frozen pizzas that are delicious, handmade and a healthier alternative to all the pizza bigwigs you've gotten bored of already. Their pizzas are artisanal and guilt-free so you can enjoy gourmet pizza without having to do all the extra work in your kitchen. Their pizza bases are made with a blend of whole wheat and regular flour with the freshest ingredients to make the sauce and toppings that go on it. 

The convenience is probably the best part, you can order a bunch of these and keep them stored in your freezer (for up to 6 months!) since they're vacuum-sealed and stay good for longer. So whenever you've got a pizza craving, you can have one in 10 minutes instead of taking hours to make it yourself or waiting 30 minutes to order from you-know-where. No oven? No problem. These pizzas can be cooked in ovens, OTGs, in a pan on a stove, and even air fryers but you'd get the best result cooking in an oven. 

Currently, they have 3 flavours, Cheesy (plain cheese pizza), Veggy (with mushrooms, bell peppers, olives, onions, jalapenos) and Chiggy (with chicken pepperoni and jalapenos). You can order through their website, Instagram, Whatsapp or find them on Zomato under the name Pizzaza! 

Price: INR 230 & up


Plan a pizza night where you can buy a bunch of toppings and customise the cheesy pizza to be exactly how you want it!


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