Namrata posted on 2nd June

Blueberry, Chocolate & Whisky: Cool Down With A Cup Of Frozen Yogurt This Summer

We believe frozen yogurt achieves the perfect balance—it’s not as heavy as ice cream and yet, has a certain edge over regular flavoured yogurt {we’re all for switching it up}. We’ve picked out a few spots for your froyo fix.


With stores all over Delhi, Cocoberry is hard to miss. Pick from a range of flavours – they have green apple, blueberry, and strawberry, to name a few {we vote for blueberry!}. For the finishing touch, pick one or two toppings {or five, it’s really up to you}, whether it’s fresh fruit or crushed Oreo cookies.

Red Mango

They swear all their frozen yogurt is natural and a hundred percent authentic; it sure tastes like it. They weigh by the gram, so you can pick and choose your toppings accordingly. We’re partial to the berry flavoured froyo with fresh fruit on top.


Gelato Roma

They swear by their delicious frozen yogurts and boast about the authenticity of their flavours. Well, they aren’t wrong at all. Definitely give their fig, honey and Swiss chocolate & whiskey cream flavours a try.


The Big Chill Cakery

We all know The Big Chill Cakery and love it, but we’ve noticed that a lot of people aren’t aware that they do a mean frozen yogurt. We recommend the strawberry one if you like things to be very sweet; for a flavour that’s fairly neutral but great in this weather, go for the lemon.



After their Pune and Chennai stint, they’re doing great in Delhi. Menchies has some of the healthiest selection of frozen yogurt and you get to decide your favourite out of the 120 flavours they have! definitely try their blueberry and Oreo cookie yogurt ‘oreo’ gonna regret it.



Diggin understands that variety is the spice of life, and change up their flavours every week, so you’ll never be bored. Try their original flavour, or the strawberry, which packs quite a punch. You can also ask them to blend it and have it as a cold beverage.


Cafes & Coffee Shops

Cafe Yogito

This place is a great respite for people stuck on the IGNOU road, while heading towards Sainik Farms. Their stuff is pretty average but they do their frozen yogurt just right. Ask them to serve you their flavour of the day.


Juice & Milkshake Shops