Fruit Biscuits To Focaccia: Hyderabad's Famous Karachi Bakery's In Noida

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Karachi Bakery & Cafe has an outlet in Noida’s Sector 18 market and we popped in to see if their Osmania biscuits and breads live up to the hype. To our surprise, we found a cheery cafe that offered everything from burgers and sourdough pizzas to paninis and cream cakes.

Great For

Plan quick meetups and casual dates here. Their biscuits, breads, waffles and sandwiches have our vote. 

What Makes It Awesome

The space looks like it’s stuck between trying to be cool and sticking to its six-decades-old Hyderabadi legacy, but it’s still a welcome addition to one of Noida’s oldest markets. We can’t deny that the bright yellow decor and their Bombay Masala & Cheese Sandwich are indeed a pick-me-up after a long day.

The Oreo Brownie, even though a little dry, was devoured in no time and the vanilla ice cream was a fitting accompaniment, of course. The loaf of focaccia we packed for home stayed fresh and yummy even three days after (in the fridge, of course). Their Bombay Masala sandwich was desi comfort food reloaded. In all, we had a good, satisfying meal here. Next on our radar are their pizzas. 

Karachi cafe's prices are pretty reasonable by Delhi bakery standards as well — the pizzas start at INR 150, the hot dogs are around INR 80 and shakes are all priced at INR 110. The most expensive thing on the menu are the Sausage Chicken and Makhani Chicken pizzas (INR 190). 

What Could Be Better

Their trademark fruit biscuits came in massive packets and we wanted them in smaller batches. Hope they’ve stocked up now. Also, a part of us wishes that they hadn’t turned into this peppy cafe and retained that old bakery vibe instead (we’re suckers for nostalgia). Oh, and the seating’s pretty limited.

If you’re a hardcore non-vegetarian, you’ll have to make do with chicken and in general, limited food options.


Finding parking in this market isn’t always easy. You’ll save a lot of hassle if you take a cab or just carpool.


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