A Free Library, Bicycles On Rent & Cold Coffee At A Petrol Pump?

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Located in Sector 52, Fuel Nation is a petrol pump unlike any we’ve ever driven up to. Two cafes, a mini library that celebrates your reading freedom as well as bicycles you can take on rent for absolutely no cost – we’ll be hanging out here, if anyone asks.

In Memory

Fuel Nation was set up in fond memory of Capt. Umang Bhardwaj {Shaurya Chakra} by his elder brother. A mark of respect for this martyred officer, the petrol pump is perhaps the most unique we’ve ever been to. By about six in the evening, lots of cars pull up to Fuel Nation and park outside. With the setting sun in the background, this petrol pump comes alive.

Fuel Your Appetite

There are two eating joints at this petrol pump – Rocketchefs, an Italian cafe/food truck, as well as Paddy’s The Grub Grill. We were instantly drawn to Paddy’s because they have a lovely, green, sheltered seating area and their menu was super tempting. Serving tikkas, kebabs, burgers and even some Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, Paddy’s The Grub Grill makes for a pocket-friendly meal. They also serve the best cold coffee we’ve had in a long, long time – not too sweet and wonderfully refreshing on a hot day.

We’ll try the Aam Papad ice cream and a thin crust pizza {for only INR 149} at Rocketchefs another day.

P.S. Fuel Nation has a dairy counter by Vita, so you can pick up emergency supplies of milk and paneer, and freezers full of Coke & Pepsi {diet versions included}.

More Than Food

Fuel Nation has set up two wonderful services as well. They have a cupboard full of books that anyone is welcome to borrow from – no library fees, no return-by date and no conditions whatsoever. Just make sure to bring it back after you’re done reading, so you can move onto the next book on your list. You’re also welcome to drop off your own books for everyone’s reading pleasure.

We know it’s hot outside now but if you’re looking for a slightly different exercise routine, may we suggest driving up to Fuel Nation, dropping off your car keys, renting a bike and setting off on a morning ride? Again, zero rental fees for the bikes and they’ll even hook you up with a sturdy helmet.

So, We're Saying...

If you haven’t yet, we defintely recommend dropping by Fuel Nation for an evening of cold coffee and leisurely reading.