This New-Age Startup Delivers Fuel At Your Doorstep For Just INR 199

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What Makes It Awesome

From food, groceries to clothes and even entertainment, we now get everything delivered to our homes. So why should fuel be any different, right? Enter FuelBuddy, a new-age startup and the first private company in India that delivers fuel at your doorstep and helps you monitor it with the help of cutting edge technology and IoT.

FuelBuddy started operations in 2018 in Haryana and has since then expanded to Delhi, Goa, and UP. They service hotels, hospitals, schools, factories, residential complexes, and have even forayed into servicing houses with generators. From buddy cans, LPG cylinders for delivery to smart storage tanks, and an onsite refuelling solution called Diesel on Tap, FuelBuddy has a range of services on offer. They follow strict safety measures and ensure that the fuel you get is of topmost quality.

Ordering in from FuelBuddy is simple as well. Just download the app (available on iOS and Android), sign up in under a minute, pick how much fuel you need, choose a delivery time, and you're done. FuelBuddy agents shall be on your way. 

They're currently delivering diesel and LPG cylinders at market price and charge a small fee of INR 199 per delivery.