Drink & Play: 7 Bars to Hit Up For Their Awesome Activities

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We believe that the only thing that amps up a night full of cocktails is a fun activity to go with it {and the possibility of drinking games!}.

Luckily, we’re not alone in this belief, and Gurgaon Foodies was more than happy to help us with a list of bars and their uber fun activities. Take a look.

Trivia Night at Cocktails & Dreams, Speakeasy

Cocktails & Dreams is known for their warm intimate space {which has hosted many a soulful gig} and cocktail-making prowess. We’re big fans of their Trivia Night. Answer a question correctly, win a beer. With that sort of offer on the table, sign us up for all the rounds.

They also host open mic nights, so if you’ve been wanting to shine, this is your chance!

Recommended by Manjula Dhiman and Anjali Shome

Stand-Up Comedy at Manhattan

We do agree that laughter is the best medicine, and coupled with some of Manhattan’s praiseworthy draught, it only makes it better. Witness Delhi’s finest comics with their takes on life, love and practically everything under the sun.

Recommended by Aarti Jain, Sahil Mehra and Rahul Sharan

Pool and Table Tennis at Underdoggs

Nothing screams ‘sports bar’ better than an entire section dedicated to bar-worthy activities. In this case, it’s table tennis for a spot of friendly competition and pool, to get the night rolling. If you’re a Friends fan, they’ve even got foosball. Let’s just hope you’re a Monica instead of a Chandler.

Recommended by Ankit Paruthi

Bowling at bluO

Beer and bowling? We’re on board in a jiff. Throw in the potential drinking game and a touch of competition {could get intense!}, and bluO is the perfect setting for chillin’ with old buds. They also have pool; you could always alternate.

Recommended by Dipti Singh Verma


Not just any other arcade, Smaaash houses a variety of games, from cricket simulation to adventure games like Walk the Plank. It’s virtual paradise and well-equipped to keep you occupied for hours. Hit up the Unforked Cafe & Bar when you get thirsty.

Recommended by Heena Azmi

Bowling & Bull at Yes Minister

The reformed Essex Farms, of which we hold fond memories, is now Yes Minister, a snazzy bar, with a bowling alley and a mechanical bull of all things. You’ve seen it on TV and now you can try it, with a little liquid courage beforehand. Don’t overdo it though!

Follow them here.

Beer Pong at TabulaBeach Cafe 2.0

One of our favourite spots to hit up post-work, TabulaBeach has got beer pong once a week so you can amp up the fun quotient on your night out {and also move around just enough to stay away from that beer belly}. Buy a couple of beers, get your game-face on and get cracking.

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