What Is It?

A baking on class on egg-less cakes and tarts for kids, conducted by Patisserie Royale’s chef Neha Lakhani.

Who Is It For?

For kids eight years of age and above. The recipes are pretty simple though so if you’re above 16, you might want to wait it out for chef Lakhani’s next baking workshop.

Why Should I Go For It?

Because she’s going to be covering a bunch of delicious sweet treats including peanut butter  banana Toasties, Oreo cookies, M&M cake pops, chocolate fondue and banoffee pie.

Anything Else?

All ingredients and equipment will be provided to you, and you get to take home what you bake along with a chef’s cap and apron.

When: Sep 11; 11am – 2pm

Price: INR 2,500

To register, write to arjit.fabrica@gmail.com

Featured photo source: Pixabay