Funky Diaries & Gender-Neutral Shirts: This Adorable Store Is All Things Colourful

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What Makes It Awesome

That any lover of colour and art will find about twenty things they want to take back home. From framed wall art to cool, canvas totes and rubber band diaries, this store has a smattering of everything. Play Clan by Sana is a melee of things instead of it really focusing on any one thing in particular. When any place does a bunch of things, it runs the risk of being all over the place, unfocused, and creating nothing truly worthwhile. However, this lovely store dodges that bullet.

From its lovely, competitively-priced rubber-band diaries to their canvas totes and quirky eye masks, everything here has a personality. You'll find some anti-fit gender neutral shirts that are perfect for a hot summer's day, and some very interesting women's clothing as well. If you're going to get someone a gift, the artworks here would make for a great one (if you're feeling extravagant though). You'll find lots of colour on the neatly framed canvasses (a pop art lovers' delight). If not, the bags, pouches and flasks are great alternatives.

What Could Be Better

The womens wear collection was great, but a bit haphazard, which makes me wonder what I'll chance upon the next time I go.

How Much Did It Cost

₹500 - ₹1000

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