Giving Your Home A Makeover? Hit Up These Markets For Affordable Furniture


    If you’ve managed to master how to deal with a potential landlord, sort out water issues, and figure out how you should be charged for electricity, the worst is not behind you. Now, there’s furniture to be taken care of.

    We present our list of furniture markets in Delhi for those on a budget. Whether you’re shopping for an office, bedroom, or any space, head to one of these furniture markets that’ll offer more than one thrifty ways to do up a space.

    Disclaimer: While stores are reopening and sanitising regularly, please ensure to continue practicing social distancing and wear a mask. Step out safely if necessary.

    Kirti Nagar Market

    Kirti Nagar Market

    Kirti Nagar, Delhi

    Asia’s largest furniture market, Kirti Nagar houses over 500 furniture wholesalers and retailers, interior design boutiques, kitchen and bathroom brands, and traditional furniture makers (most of which are open now). You can even have them copy furniture to suit your budget or a particular theme. Office, restaurant, commercial space, house, bedroom, kitchen – Kirti Nagar will have furniture for all the spaces. Have a look at what we found in this market here. 

    Market Days: Open all days except Mondays

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    Sikandarpur Furniture Market

    Located close to the DLF City Court, this market stocks up on antique-looking wooden furniture, cushioned swinging chairs, cane furniture, mudas and everything you’d need to create a home with eclectic pieces. We even found a rustic looking blue wooden nightstand we’d decorate an entire room around. 

    Market Days: Open seven days a week

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    Panchkuian Road

    Panchkuian Road

    Paharganj, Delhi

    On the road that connects Connaught Place to Jhandewalan, or more specifically from RK Ashram Marg metro to Rajiv Chowk, you’ll find a cramped and confusing furniture market. Stay patient—this is one of Delhi’s foremost furniture store streets for good-quality but cheap furniture. We found Rajasthani hand-painted tables, wooden engraved dividers and comfy chairs you’d want to live in. Don’t believe us? Check this out.

    Markey Days: Open on all days except Sunday (only some shops are open)

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    Jail Road Market

    Jail Road Market

    Hari Nagar, Delhi

    On the two-kilometre stretch starting from Hari Nagar to Tilak Nagar, Jail Road Market is the lesser-known furniture hub that’s probably the least confusing market with most of the furniture shops lined one after another on the main road. You’ll find simple furniture here which will definitely fit your budget, plus there are many stores selling curtains, drapes, mattresses, and artefacts too, so you can get a lot sorted for your home in just one trip.

    Market Days: Open on all days except Wednesdays (most shops are closed)

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    Sharma Farms

    Sharma Farms

    Chhattarpur, Delhi

    Across and down the road from Tivoli, behind the gate neighbouring Oodles Hotel, you will be greeted by the crew at Sharma Farms. A smidge spooky and cut-off, this place requires a dose of patience when you visit, given the amount of scouring you’ll have to do. Inundated with furniture (each and every kind) and ranging across types, you can expect vintage, restored, Indian-inspired, cut-out work, temple inspired pillars, statues, sculptures, wine holders, doors, panels, and figurines here. They’re cheaper than most of their competitors, but this place requires you to bring your bargaining A-game. Know more here.

    Market Days: Open seven days a week between 10 am to 6 pm.

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    Amar Colony

    Amar Colony Furniture Market

    Lajpat Nagar - 4, Delhi

    We wish we could give you an address, but these savvy wheeler-dealers enjoy the "now you see me, now you don't" game. If you do happen to find them, they’re spread over one particular street, interspersed between basements and the roadside, and retail second-hand, over-used, and vintage furniture- everything from tables and chairs to bookshelves and colonial-style furniture.

    They can also assist with a quick paint job, or a fix-me-up.

    Market Days: Open on all days except Tuesdays.

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    Market Near Aya Nagar

    Between Arjan Garh and Ghitorni metro station, there are shops selling cane furniture and different kinds of chairs. A store called Village Article here sells bean bags for as low as INR 500. Laundry baskets, hanging lights, mudas and hanging lights made from the colourful rope are some other stunning pieces we found at this mini market. Here’s a list of all the shops that you need to check out.

    Market Days: Open seven days a week. 

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    Banjara Market

    Banjara Market

    Sector 56, Gurgaon

    Another hidden gem in Gurgaon, located in Sector 56, you'll find a ton of affordable ceramic pots, kitchenware and wooden furniture in gorgeous colours but we definitely have a soft spot for all the blues! Certain pieces start as low as INR 50 and the best part is that everything is so unique, it'll add a handmade charm to your space. Know more here

    Market Days: Open seven days a week. 

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