Not Another Fusion Food Gimmick, Punjab Grill Tappa Gets It Right

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If you thought Punjabi food couldn’t get any better, go here. The newest kid on the Cyber block, Punjab Grill Tappa, impressed us with its fusion food.

Around The World And Back To Our Desi Roots

Off late, quite a few places have tried to appeal to our desi sides while trying to feed us the best of both worlds. And out of all those we have tried so far, Tappa has got their fusion right. Paneer Cigar Rolls, Jalebi Churros and Rum-Soaked Raisin Chur Chur Naan – we promise this is a gastronomical experience you’ll keep going back for.

Special mention for the Aam Papad & Lettuce-Wrapped Kurkuri, Khala Khatta Soya that is a mouthful to say but goes down very, very easy and left our tastebuds tingling.

Don’t forget to try the super-sized Haleem Khao Suey, served with mini-naans.


Tipsy At Tappa

A spirited reminder of all things NRI, Tappa’s liquor menu is named after That French Crush you never got over or your Toronto Bro. We liked the Birmingham Chachi {a heady mix of saffron-infused gin with cinnamon, lime and coriander} and the Patiala twist to a Whiskey Sour, with tamarind pulp, jaggery and roasted cumin powder.

Other than that, they have all the regular bar offerings like pints of beer, shots and a classic cocktail selection.

Anything Else?

The décor and ambience might not be what you expect at a Punjabi family-style restaurant. They play all kinds of tunes, from Dil Chahta Hai to the latest English dance numbers. So, all in all, just keep an open mind, enjoy the music and the food, and let the conversation flow as easily as the Malai Chena Peda melts into your mouth.


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