G Goddesses Makes Art & Jewellery Starting At INR 200 & No Two Pieces Are The Same

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G - Goddesses

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An all-women’s artist collective, G Goddesses is barely three-weeks-old, but is already a loved stall at flea markets across the city. This group of {now} six people is making art, accessories and jewellery all by hand, and it’s all super-affordable.

'Yes' To Sustainability

The collective was started by Akriti Guha, who is a designer and a music journalist after she found her partner-in-prime and sounding board in Deepti Garg. Together with a few of their artistically inclined friends and relatives, the duo decided to start a revolution of sorts against fast fashion and everything minimal. Everybody who joined the collective came together for the love of sustainable fashion, along with another shared passion: Psy trance. And another thing they have in common? Their love for big, bold colours.

“You know, we’re always doubting ourselves; constantly thinking if we have it is us to start out on our own. This self-doubt was common amongst all of us before we took the plunge and set up a small stall at Junction. I’m so glad we did because that feeling of camaraderie and sense of accomplishment has done wonders,” says Akriti.

From their first pop-up, they’ve already got a bunch of assignments queued up. You can find them at the Crooner’s Collective’s next gig at TC. Post that, they are also travelling to Nepal for the Shakti Peak Festival. Or, you can find them at the pre-party in Delhi on the 18th.

Yes To Being Loud & Proud

None of their very boho necklaces or hand-painted stoles are minimal or subdued… Far from it, actually. They love being loud and revel in being one-of-a-kind. One of their biggest USPs is that since everything is handmade, no two pieces are similar. Everyone in the group brings their unique sensibility and the result is a trippy mish-mash of accessories and paintings that stand out from a distance. 

The participants have regular day jobs, and some of them work as entreprenuers, artists and designers, but G Goddesses is what binds them together. After days of painting or making jewellery pieces, they all also meet once a week to dance to psy trance.


So, We're Saying...

You can find them on Instagram or Facebook and order their affordable trinkets. The jewellery starts at INR 200 and the artworks at INR 500.

BRB, we’re shopping to make that spring wardrobe {and room} makeover happen.


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