Guide On Gaffar Market & Things To Buy At Best Prices: From Electronics To Food

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Your next visit to Karol Bagh holds the key to the treasure chest that is Gaffar Market. They have literally everything, ranging from a hairpin and socks to the newest laptops and phones. The market is especially known for electronics; you'll spot phone repair shops, a plethora of second-hand laptops, phones and tablets, first-copy sunglasses and watches, and more such items. If you're here for repair purposes, make sure you're going to a proper shop, as some might do more damage than repair. There's also street food like aloo chaat, golgappas, and papdi chaat. Also, don’t miss the famous Raviraj Di Kulfi. There are also a lot of T-shirts, jeans, first-copy sneakers and beauty products of big brands (like Kylie cosmetics, L'Oreal, etc) available in this market at cheap prices.

Timings: The market is open from 10 AM to 9 PM on all days except Mondays.

How To Reach

By Metro: The nearest metro station is Karol Bagh on the Blue Line, only 10 minutes away by car and 20 minutes on foot.

By Car: If you choose to come by your own car, know that parking will be a problem and there are chances that parking prices will be hiked according to traffic and availability.

By Bus: The nearest bus station to Gaffar market is Khalsa College (1-minute walk). It's available on bus numbers 156,181B, 166, 610, 83, 83A, 88A, 353, 956. The best way to check which bus you should take is through Google Maps.

Electronics Galore

The market is dominated with mobile repair shops. Be it a cracked screen or a fried motherboard, your phone or tablet is undoubtedly gonna get resurrected. The market is famous for unoriginal parts for your beloved gadget (which cost a fraction of the price). So, if you’re not in the mood to shell out big bucks for a cracked screen, this might be your pit stop.

You will also find smart TVs, PlayStations, cheap Chinese phones, branded speaker systems, any other kind of electronic gadgetry you might be cuckoo over.

Price: Phones starting at INR 2,000, laptops starting at INR 10,000

Drown In Phone Covers And Accessories

The one thing you’ll see scattered all over the market are phone covers. Prepare your mind for a perpetual dilemma because there are just so many choices! Endless colours, countless designs, different materials, and for any phone model you might have! They also have hundreds of design options for phone skins that start at INR 50 only. If you’re looking to play dress up with your phone, Gaffar is the place to hit up. You will also find cheap tempered screen guards and other accessories for your phone, like holders, pop sockets, selfie sticks, and earphones for your phone here that start at INR 20.

Price: Phone covers start at INR 100, and phone accessories at INR 20.

Tees, Kurtis & More

As you switch from one alley to another, your world might change from electronics to lifestyle products. Hunt down your favourite graphic-printed tees, kurtis, towels and bedsheets with your favourite football team’s logo emblazoned on them; it’s all there. They've also got a few stores that house first-copy hype sneakers; chances are you'll be able to find that limited edition pair of Nike shoes here for one-third the price. You can get your fair share of jewellery here too.

Price: Starting at INR 150

Street Food

Roadside stalls rule the footpaths with everything from banta to chuski on offer. You’ll find golgappas and samosas in the corners of the alleys, with some chaat vendors with stalls set up in the smack-dab middle of the market. There are also aloo kulcha stalls, one of the most prominent ones is in front of India Mobile Plaza. So, when you start feeling exhausted from all the shopping, fit a couple of golgappas in your mouth, take a sip of that masala banta and off you go again!

Price: Starting at INR 20


In the many lanes of Gaffar market, you'll find shops selling all sorts of imported makeup like Huda Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics, Laura Mercier and the likes. While shopkeepers may persuade you by saying that these are original products know that these are first copies. Apart from that, you'll find your general everyday body care products like shampoos, body wash, lotions and more for relatively affordable prices.

Price: Starting at INR 200


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