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On the Right Track | Gaia by Karajimo

Kartik posted on 05 December

By Kartik Mahajan

Karajimo is brand new. Karajimo is hushed in whispers, but creates sounds that are anything but whispers. Unfortunately Karajimo is not the name he was given, or the name the passport authorities accepted. So in the real world, which is devoid of oriental sounding monikers, Karajimo is called Viraj Mohan. He has actually been making music for close to a decade now, but across such a wide range of genres and as a part of such diverse acts, that it's hard to put your finger on his sound and classify it as any one thing. Some of you will remember a progressive act called Another Vertigo Rush from a few years ago. Remember the guy who did the guitars and synths? Yea that's him! Were you at NH7 Weekender this year? He is also a part of a new band called the Sundog Project, who performed at the weekender; Viraj plays guitar and synth, and also does vocals with them. Then of course, if you have been for any of the Midival Punditz live sets over the last year or so, Viraj is the one who played guitar with them on stage. So like I said, his style is diverse.

'Karajimo is something that came as pure fun', says Viraj. 'The idea was basically to exploit all the cheese and all the pop that every single one of us has inside us.' Staying true to his background though, Karajimo has this tinge of Industrial groove that creeps into each track of his I have heard, at some point or the other. The track featured today is called Gaia and it features vocals by I.P Singh of Faridkot, and some help from the production prowess of Keshav Dhar. It's easy listening, it's full of emotion and it doesn't take itself too seriously. I am not going to say too much or try and classify this as a part of an over simplified genre, because it won't fit. It's something for you to listen to and decide what influence fits best with you. Brilliant listening for the post Weekender week! Karajimo has an EP coming out, and the message with it is to respect life. Realise we are here only once in this moment… live it, enjoy it and help others enjoy it through music.

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