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Playing to the Galleria | Hood Guide for Galleria, Gurgaon

Aditi posted on 12th December

By Aditi Datta

You know there’s too much love when even the most eloquent Gurgaonite will drop the correct pronunciation and resort to calling it ‘guh-lair-ee-aa’ {sounds like ‘leheriya’}. We’ve endured endless visitors who’ve tried to imitate the verbal style best described as a bit country; we’ve even rolled our eyes at outsiders’ attempts ending up in the often exaggerated ‘guh!-larr-iyyaa’ which sounds more like an unsophisticated speed bump than anything else. Not even close.

That’s how much we love this sweet little market that has stood strong and proud {albeit not very tall} from the beginning of the age of Gurgaon. Malls came, malls went, but one look at the fountain that is at the nucleus of Galleria, and you know that we’d happily drop our spare change into wishing it stays exactly how we like it.

Mom-and-pop stores have been replaced by big brand names, which are now being replaced by new indie ones. With a slew of new shops, some old ones having stayed put, and even an art gallery, here’s what you can expect at our very own Galleria Market.

NOTE: We’ll try our best to direct you within this maze. Assume you are standing facing the main entrance where Citibank and Kotak Mahindra are directly ahead and on your left, the Apple store is directly ahead and on your right, and you have a clear view of the fountain straight ahead. Now follow the leader.

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Kama Ayurveda | We’re happy Kama went retail, and we’re even happier they landed here! If you need help choosing from their lovely line of products, drop in for a consultation with their in-house Ayurvedic doctor on Thursdays and Fridays, from 4pm to 7pm.

Where: Ground Floor, Front Left Quadrant

Contact: +91-124-426 4688 / +91-124-436 6567

Forest Essentials | More Ayurveda goodness, but with a whole lot of different magic ingredients.

For more information:

Where: Ground Floor, Front Left Quadrant

Bella Madonna | Anyone who’s lived in this town for more than 5 years has had at least one blow dry at one of the Bella Madonnas. Boys included. The original one remains as is on the 2nd floor; the newer, more compact one is on the ground floor.

Where: Ground Floor, Back Left Quadrant & Second Floor of Rear Building

Contact: Ground Floor +91-124-4106017 | Second Floor +91-124-2806091 / 92

Gitanjali Salon | This upscale salon from Delhi offers a full suite of services for men and women, and specialises in hair cutting, styling and all sorts of pampering.

Where: Ground Floor, Back Left Quadrant

Contact: +91-124-4019848 / 49

New U | Even though we wake up looking this way, should you need assorted beauty and make up products, find them here.

Where: Ground Floor, Back Right Quadrant

Contact: +91-124-4110024

VLCC Day Spa | In a testament to how Galleria always manages to squeeze out space even when you thought it had none to spare, the VLCC Spa is sprawling, lovely, and a great place to spend the day.

Where: Second Floor, Front Left Quadrant

Contact: +91-124-4068763 / +91-124-3224624 / +91-124-3223676

Dog Spa & Pet Shop | Not to leave our besties behind, there is also a dog shampooing and grooming spot with plenty of doggie products to pick up on your way out.

Where: Second Floor, Front Left Quadrant

Contact: +91-98106 20933

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Barista Lavazza Espresso Bar | One of the first names in coffee culture, the Barista coffee shop is as popular a meeting spot as ever.

Where: Ground Floor, Back Right Quadrant

Contact: +91-124-4059728

Chokola | If the love for chocolate is what unites you with friends, get together over a mocha or hot chocolate at what is easily the best-smelling café in the market.

Where: Ground Floor, Front Right Quadrant

Contact: +91-124-4003215

Chayoos | Giving glory back to tea, Chayoos gives customers the option of having their cup of tea exactly as they like it, with the option of 12 add-ons. We like Adrak & Tulsi!

Where: First Floor, Back Left Quadrant

Contact: +91-11- 33036197

Bubble Teas | This might not be the right time to get into everything right or not so right about Bubble Teas; but if you know it and you like it, you can get it here.

Where: First Floor

Contact: +91-124-4058959

L’Opera | This lovely patisserie chain of French-style goodies is the perfect place to slink away to, when you don’t want to share your éclair, apple tart or espresso.

Where: Ground Floor, Front Left Quadrant

Contact: +91-124-4083093

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Escape Terrace & Bar | If needs must, grab a drink at the tent-covered terrace. And get out before you’re tempted to give in to the Bollywood beats – there’s too much of Galleria left to cover!

Where: Second Floor, Front Left Quadrant

Contact: +91-88003 95444 / +91-88001 99444

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Apala | Our best jewellery store this side of town. In case you’re wondering what sort of things we like…

Where: Ground Floor, Back Left Quadrant

For more information: click here 

Jewelleria | And we’re not opposed to the pretty silver earrings and bracelets, Delhi markets style. Just saying.

Where: First Floor, Front Left Quadrant

Contact: +91-124-4148164

Handloom House | If you like handicrafts, ottage emporia style, and don’t want to trek to Delhi, drop in.

Where: Ground Floor, Back Left Quadrant

Contact: +91-124-4056854 / +91-4148571

Banaras | For silks, richer fabrics, and more intricate kaam, head upstairs to Banaras.

Where: First Floor, Back Left Quadrant

Contact: +91-124-4370431

Playclan/Almirah | With moustaches in common, this space houses playful design on one side with Playclan, and adorable ethnic kiddie apparel & bedding on the other with Almirah.

Where: Ground Floor, Back Left Quadrant

For more information: Click here or here

Sands Inc. | Sports equipment, accessories, and apparel for all the Tendulkars, Federers and Bryants out there.

Where: Ground Floor, Back Left Quadrant

Contact: +91-124-4148213

Tarini | This has been an old favourite for buying perfect gifts for home on almost every occasion. And still is.

Where: Ground Floor, Back Left Quadrant

Contact: +91-124-4058457/58

Akriti | Whether girls make passes at boys who carry glasses or not, get your hands on wine gasses, beer mugs {and now, candles & Moroccon lamps} here.

Where: Ground Floor, Front Left Quadrant

Contact: +91-124-4053081

Happily Unmarried | It’s not a question, so don’t begin to answer. Find the perfect present for a bachelor pad, or for the shrunk-down version now called the den.

Where: First Floor, Front Left Quadrant

For more information: Click here 

Letternote | Make a statement with Letternote’s line of smart stationery and bold framed statements.

Where: First Floor, Back Left Quadrant

For more information: Click here 

Stationery World | Pretty cramped and not very pretty; but for pen geeks and post-it abusers, heaven.

Where: First Floor, Back Left Quadrant

Clothing Basics | For those life-saving thermals and much-needed layers, try Pearls or the mini-sized M&S

Where: Ground Floor, Rear Building

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Post Office | If you still send letters {good on you!} or want an economical and relatively dependable courier service, try the good old Post Office, with a Speed Post counter. Last parcel dispatch is at 3pm.

Where: Ground Floor, Back Left Quadrant

Contact: +91-124-2577166

Courier Companies | Or if the man in khakhi doesn’t inspire too much confidence for a parcel that needs special handling, there is also the option of Blue Dart and DHL.

Where: Ground Floor, Rear Building

Groceries | We like the smaller-to-navigate Le Marche for grocery cabinet staples and fresh baked breads. There is an entirely separate meat shop – ask to be directed. Grand Plaza does classic bakery goodies. For fruit and veg, try Fresh Fruit & Vegetables! Simple.

Where: Multiple, Ground Floor

Wine Shop | Lake Forest stocks a decent range of domestic and international wines, beers and spirits.

Where: Ground Floor, Front Left Quadrant

Contact: +91-124-4039117 / +91-124-4272216 / +91-124-4261745

Mobile Repair Shop & Top Up | If that arm extension {otherwise known as a cellular phone} needs some love, try the mobile shops on the ground and first floor for phone covers, headphones, and more. Prepaid customers can top up at Delhi Electronics.

Where: Various, Ground & First Floors

Photo Printing | Photos needed for a visa, and the application was due two days ago? Get instant prints for all visa/passport size requirements at the Kodak studios.

Where: Multiple, First Floor

ATMS | You’ll find HDFC, Citibank, Kotak Mahindra, Standard Chartered, State Bank and Axis Bank ATMs. All the better to spend with!

Where: All on the ground floor

Pharmacies | Get well soon – find what you need with Guardian, Apollo, Religare, 98.4 and Mangalam – all on the ground floor. For alternative wellness, try Bhandari Stores on the first floor for multiple brands of homeopathic preparations, or Ki2Health for herbal & organic wellness products.

Where: Multiple, Ground & First Floors

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Khan Chacha | To our minds, the BEST mutton roll in the best Roomali Roti.

Where: Ground Floor of Rear Building

Contact: +91-124-4033449

Pintxo | Far away from the shores of Spain, a pretty good spot for tapas and paella. Siestas permitted.

Where: First Floor, Back Right Quadrant

Contact: +91-124-4227472 / +91-98998 56472

Double Roti | Best known for their burgers, we also like the salads, and their selection of fun drinks {for the sober kind} under the Ab Tak Bachpan section, which includes an ice cream float!

Where: First Floor, BackLeft Quadrant

Contact: +91-124-4239596 / +91-98113 37803

The Joint Cafe | A super spot for breakfast, even if that’s slightly later in the day for you. If you miss the 12 noon mark, you have a great excuse to splash out on the Gourmet meals like the Pan-Seared Salmon with Kalamata Olives, or Pork Chops is Smokey BBQ Sauce.

Where: First Floor, Rear Building

Contact: +91-95999 92444

Café Wanderlust | If you’re prone to wanderlust but haven’t been able to get away, ponder or lament the reasons why as you hang out in the café’s hammock. And take a culinary trip around the country and the world with their wonderful snack menu.

Where: First Floor

Contact: +91-84479 44345

Sakley’s The Mountain Cafe | Scaling the peaks of greatness, this mountain-themed café hits all the right spots. Loving the sizzlers, with the option to combine our two favourite sauces – mushroom and pepper!

Where: First Floor, Back Right Quadrant

Contact: +91-124 4371983

Big Wong | We’ve always been a fan of their dim sum, especially the Pickle Veg, Thai Basil Chicken and the Prawn Enoki Mushroom ones. If that’s too fancy, we give top marks to their Hot & Sour soup too.

Where: First Floor, Back Left Quadrant

Contact: +91-98717 65999 / +91-124-4277666

Crazy Noodles | To our knowledge, the only restaurant in Galleria with a liquor license! Of course, we know you’re going there for the Chinese food only. And the glasses that wobble even if you haven’t had a drink.

Where: Second Floor, Back Right Quadrant

Contact: +91-124-4255758

Instapizza | For not too thin and not too thick pizza crusts, stop by this tiny pizzeria where you can refuel if you’ve got more of the market to cover. Fresh garlic makes for a surprisingly fantastic pizza topping.

Where: First Floor, Front Right Quadrant

Contact: +91-11-3310 5365

Crusty’s Gourmet Pizzas & More | This popular pizza takeaway gives you the option of picking your base sauce, if plain old tomato is too boring for you. They do seafood toppings too, like Szechuan Prawns! ‘More’ in the name refers to pizzas, calzones and fun gelato flavours.

Where: First Floor, Back Right Quadrant

Contact: +91-124-651 8833 / +91-124 404 8833

Fat Lulu’s | Lulu may be fat and we’re certainly getting there, but the wood-fired stone-oven-baked thin-crust pizza bases {including a whole wheat option} are very very thin. Another one to take away.

Where: Ground Floor, Back Right Quadrant

Contact: +91-88260 11433 / +91-88260 11900

Potato Lovers Unltd. | How would you like your potatoes, sir? For those who can’t get enough aloo, this is a heaven sent, but can tear you in a hundred directions if you think all aloo is equal.

Where: Second Floor

Contact: +91-124-4227747 / +91-99109 96705

Chaat Chowk | First there was chaat to be found at Galleria, then there wasn’t, we missed it too much and now here it is! Get your fix of chaat at this chowk.

Where: First Floor, Front Left Quadrant

Contact: +91-124-4245161

Rebecca’s Cakes | This modest bakery always has something to make us smile. Carrot cake, lemon tarts and chocolate creations of all kinds – it’s a good thing you can’t sit down to eat.

Where: Ground Floor, Back Left Quadrant

Contact: +91-98181 62787

Cocoberry | We all scream for frozen yogurt! If that wasn’t healthy enough, there’s even a sugar free option. Then again, there’s all those toppings…

Where: Ground Floor, Back Right Quadrant

Contact: +91-124-4005865

Pulcinella, The Café | Granitas, cold coffee, hot coffee, garam chai, and something to nibble on from their snacky menu – gives you enough to eat and drink your way through while you get down to business, thanks to their free Wi-Fi. Also a massive thanks from the LBB crew for letting us finish this piece in peace!

Where: First Floor, Front Left Quadrant

Contact: +91-95609 19997

Note: Things you need to know

  1. Parking can be trying. Your best shot is the parking plots behind the main building.
  2. Bathrooms are public and paid. Carry coins.
  3. The market is supposed to be shut on Tuesdays. But it’s never completely shut.
  4. Most eateries are tiny, unless specified otherwise.

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