This Garden Shop Will Send Potted Plants & Balcony Furniture To Your House

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What Makes It Awesome

After selling their pretty (and practical) vertical gardens to G Town’s always-working yuppies, Balcony Makeovers’ come up with a garden shop that stocks everything from charpai benches to pots and planters and a whole world of garden accessories. Such a respite that they’ll deliver them to Delhi as well.

Your balcony can look like a million bucks at an embarrassingly small budget. If you’re borderline creative and not keen on turning the whole outdoor space (however little it might be) upside down, the little add-ons from this shop are your saviours. Pick up a one-off lamp or a centrepiece, or just artificial grass/wooden tiles and throw in some of your creativity to bring a corner to life.

From basic ceramic pots to cute bird feeders, you can buy stuff for as little as INR 200 and start redecorating that dull patch in your apartment.

Another service we’re absolutely loving is their delivery of plants and garden furniture across Delhi and NCR. If you, like us, are too lazy to pick up plants and then a cool pot followed by every possible khaad to make it bloom and flourish, these chaps will send you a grown-up, independent plant to nurture. The convenience doesn’t just end here. They’ll also send experts in case you need installation help with lights, fixtures and wooden decks.

Some of their products are built in their own factory while others are sourced from places. In case you’ve got a bigger space to play with, you can get them to design the whole terrace/balcony… It’s going to be a great investment into having your feel-safe chai corner, trust us.

Order a little plant for your desk to start things on a happy note (better still, gift it to someone with a personalised message). Or, if you’ve just moved in with bae, they’ve got a special offer that’ll give your love nest a complete makeover (grass, seating and flooring included) for INR 26,000.


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