Get Affordable, Comfortable Denim & Menswear At 77 Square, Sarojini Nagar

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What Makes It Awesome

That it's got all kinds of great denim and jeans for men and women (it's definitely better stocked for men in general, though). The jeans you see on a rotating rack outside start at INR 250, and go on upwards. The catch here is that you can get one of their readymade jeans altered to your specifications, but you cannot have jeans tailored specially for you. 

The other half of the store is menswear; more specifically, men's Indianwear. You'll find sherwanis and dressy kurtas aplenty. Here, the world of tailoring will open up to you. The fabrics are decent quality (silks, brocades, mixed materials), but you have to bear in mind that, since they're cost-effective, they aren't exactly premium. 

If you're heading jeans (or wedding) shopping in Sarojini and don't quite know what's what in this mad, teeming marketplace flush with vendors, keep an eye out for 77; they'll sort you out.

What Could Be Better

It'd be nice if they had some more options for women.

How Much Did It Cost

It starts at around INR 250 for jeans and INR 1,500 for menswear.

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