Get An Affordable Haircut At This Green Park Salon

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What Makes It Awesome?

Dignity salon came as a nice discovery in my hunt for a place that does good hair cuts without cutting down my bank balance.

I belong to the trope of people who hate going to parlours/salons, opting instead for a DIY at home (or just nothing and being lazy sometimes too). The reason being, these services sometimes get too expensive for too menial a job. I only needed a quick trim and wasn't willing to pay INR 700-800 for it (the charges the neighbouring parlours are taking).

At Dignity, the guy who did my hair, patiently heard what I had to say, didn't make condescending statements (which is a usual scenario at parlours), and didn't cut more than what I said either. I was quite satisfied.

What Could Be Better?

I only gave this salon a shot for a trim and don't really know how they fare for other services. Although, the other customers (about 2-3 of them) looked quite satisfied.

Overall, the place is clean, well-maintained and the service is good, so there's really nothing that could be better for me.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

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