#ScoopIntoChocolateHeaven With Cadbury Silk Mousse And Win A Sweet Surprise!

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    #ScoopIntoChocolateHeaven With Cadbury Silk Mousse

    What’s Happening?

    Calling out all the choco-maniacs, here is a delicious scoop for you! News so drool-worthy that we couldn’t resist sharing (sharing is caring)! For the longest time, Cadbury Silk has melted our hearts with indulgent chocolate experiences that have kept us asking for more.

    Be it sparkling priceless romantic moments or simply making everyday moments more special, Cadbury Silk has always had our back! And now they’re out with another oh-so-yum chocolate flavour --Cadbury Silk Mousse! Cadbury Silk Mousse is filled with creamy heavenly deliciousness and it's already gotten us feeling mushy! Not just a small fix, this chocolate bar is going to be a full dessert experience. So, be ready to #ScoopIntoChocolateHeaven cause here’s your chance to win an exclusive surprise from Cadbury Silk Mousse!

    All you’ve gotta do is share your unique ways of scooping into Cadbury Silk Mousse and give a super cool name to it! Record a video or take a picture showing how you’d take a delicious scoop of the Silk Mousse bar and bring home an awesome surprise by them! So, participate and treat yourself or your favourites to an amazing dessert experience! 

    Why Should I Participate?

    The new Cadbury Silk Mousse is out and we’re pretty sure you’ll be getting your hands on it, so why not participate too and stand a chance to win more! One lucky winner will win this delicious hamper and start 2021 on a delightful note! Participate and gift yourself or your friends the ultimate dessert experience!

    Awesome, How Can I Win?

    Step 1: Get a pack of Cadbury Silk Mousse (from your nearest store or order it HERE). 

    Step 2: Think of an out of the box way to scoop your bite (scooping from the middle, scooping using 2 spoons or scooping and juggling), NAME it (get creative!) and record a video or simply take a picture! 

    Step 3: Upload it on your Instagram handle and tag @cadburydairymilksilk and @lbbdelhincr.

    Step 4: You’re done! Now go enjoy the rest of your chocolate bar! 

    Hit the registration button and sign up now, it’s time to scoop some sweetness


    Be sure to use the hashtag #ScoopIntoChocolateHeaven so that we can track your entries. In case of a private account, DM us your video/post and the screenshot of your entry. Now, get scoopin’ honey! 

    Make A Note:

    You can get the Cadbury Silk Mousse from Amazon, Big Basket and Grofers. It is also available on stores like Reliance Mart, MORE and the local grocery stores.

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      #ScoopIntoChocolateHeaven With Cadbury Silk Mousse