Get Your Old Couches And Benches Upholstered By Kasim!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Kasim is awesome. He's re-upholstered my couches, benches, headboard, small stools and a bunch of other stuff at my house. He's a one-man army, but in case the work to be done is larger in scale, he has enough counterparts that he can bring with him.

I recently got him to reupholster my chunky blue couch. The foam seemed like it was falling apart, and the room it was in need a bit of a change. I bought my fabric from a nearby store; I actually sent Kasim a picture of the couch on WhatsApp and he confirmed the quantity needed. Six meters, exact! Once he "unbundled" the couch, and noticed the foam that had been destroyed, he independently went to a nearby market, picked up all the foam he needed, and re-padded parts of the couch to make it more uniform and comfortable.

He also added a fresh later of fabric on my bench that unfortunately got a bit of a sketch pen stain (red bench pictured!)

He's fabulous with his work, comes home with a sewing machine and everything else that's needed, and is super careful about hygiene and cleanliness as he works.

He's super chatty. But very easy to work with!

He's super affordable as well given that he comes to the venue of choice and gets the work done top to bottom.

I think he stitches curtains etc as well. Give him a call if you have any upholstery needs!

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